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Maharishi Effect
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the Transcendental Meditation Program: A New Direction for Scientific Research by L. Domash
Recently Published Studies
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Research on the Transcendental Meditation Technique    

The research studies below were selected from over 350 peer-reviewed published studies (see Bibliography) conducted at a wide range of independent research institutions.


Benefits to Society

Reduced violent crime in Washington
Social Indicators Research (47: 153–201, 1999)

Reduced war deaths
Journal of Conflict Resolution (32: 776–812, 1988)
Journal of Conflict Resolution (34: 756–768, 1990)

Reduced crime in Washington
Journal of Mind and Behavior (9: 457–486, 1989)

Reduced crime in U.S. Cities
Journal of Mind and Behavior (9: 457–486, 1989)

Reduced violent crime
Journal of Mind and Behavior (8: 67–104, 1987)

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