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Health Care Costs    
Center for Management Research
Can the Transcendental Meditation Program Reduce the Medical Expenditures of Older People? A Longitudinal Cost Reduction Study in Canada >    
Impact of the Transcendental Meditation Program on Medical Expenses >    
The Impact of the Transcendental Meditation Program on Government Payments to Physicians in Quebec: An Update >    
Reduced Medical Care Utilization and Expenditures Through An Innovative Approach >    
An Innovative Approach to Reducing Medical Care Utilization and Costs >    
Cost-Effective Hypertension Management: Comparison of Drug Therapies with an Alternative Program >    
Reducing Medical Costs: The Impact of Transcendental Meditation on Government Payments to Physicians in Quebec >    
The Health Care Cost Crisis and the Role of Prevention: New Approaches Utilizing the Transcendental Meditation Program >    
Medical care utilization and the Transcendental Meditation program >    
Toward better health: Transcendental Meditation can cut expenses without decreasing quality >    
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