Emily Marcus, BA
Amy Spitzfaden, BA
Laura Yellin, MS
Leah Waller, BA
Josef Biechler, BS
Patricia Freeman Nesberg, MBA
Keith Levi, BS
Kate Vigmostad, BA
Emmanuel Titus, BA, MBA
Alex Cequea, BA, MBA
Heather Hartnett, BA
Benek Lisefski, BFA
Vincent Bataoel, BS
Nelina Loiselle, BS
Anna Bonshek, PhD
Lee Fergusson, PhD
Stuart Valentine, MBA
Ray Baptiste, BS, MBA
Marci Shimoff, BA
Jim Bagnola, MA
Rene Hernandez, BS, PhD
Troy Van Beek, BS
Amy Van Beek, BFA
Jimmy Moore, MBA
Deja Bernhardt, BFA
Justin Cutter, BA
Alan Phillips, BA, MBA
Annie Blecher, BA
Shane Zisman, BA
Tom Morgan, MA
Chris Kein, MBA
Ned Roberts, MA
Mikaila Maidment, BFA, MFA
Gabriel Okong'o Akura, MA
Mehdi Pakfetrat, MS
Charlie Fritsch, BA
Tristan Webb, BS, MA
Eric Rusch, BA
Nabin Khanal, MS
Supriya Vidic, BA
Vikas Narula, BS
Tegan Perry, BS
Puki Freeberg, BA
Gary Saint Denis, BA
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44 Alumni Profiles    
Meet some of the great people who have graduated from MUM and went on to fascinating careers. Click below to read the stories of how they experienced an intellectual and personal transformation at MUM, and then used that as a basis for personal and professional success.

Heather Hartnett
Nonprofit Development
Benek Lisefsky
Website Developer
Nelina Loiselle
Vice President and
Marketing Manager

Vincent Bataoel
Anna Bonshek
Digital Media Artist
and Author

Lee Fergusson
Envrironmental Remediation
Ray Baptiste
Enterprise Solutions Executive

Stuart Valentine
Financial Advisor
Marci Shimoff
'Chicken Soup for the Soul' Bestselling Author
Jim Bagnola
Corporate Trainer
and Speaker

Rene Hernandez
Physiologist, U.S. Navy
Troy Van Beek
Renewable Energy

Amy Van Beek
Jimmy Moore
Radio Station
Déjà Bernhardt, Filmmaker, Student Academy Award Winner

Justin Cutter
Sustainable Farming

Alan Phillips
Vocational College President
Annie Blecher
Director of Nonprofit
Tom Morgan

Chris Kein
Chief Operating Officer IT Consulting

Shane Zisman

Mikaila Maidment
Artist and Illustrator
Ned Roberts
Human Resources Consultant
Gabriel Okong'o Akura, Educator, Sustainable Business Developer Mehdi Pakfetrat
Lead Software Engineer

Charlie Fritsch
Hotel Sales Broker and Business Owner
Tristan Webb
Eric Rusch, Online Entrepreneur, Breadbaker Nabin Khanal, Software Development Manager, Microsoft
Supriya Vidic, Director of Communications, Nonprofit
Vikas Narula
Consultant / Entrepreneur
Tegan Perry, Business Owner, Social Media Marketer
Puki Freeberg, TM Teacher, Volunteer and Advocate Gary Saint Denis, Founder/CEO 1-800-Dentist
Alex Cequea, Editor-in-Chief, iPhone Life Magazine 
Kate Vigmostad, Dance Instructor, Choreographer
Emmanuel Titus, Private Wealth Manager/ Consultant
Keith Levi, Professor & Chairman, Computer Science Dept., MUM Patricia Freeman Nesberg, Restaurateur, Entrepreneur Josef Biechler, Farm Manager and Soil Researcher
Leah Waller, Poet and University Instructor Laura Yellin, Lawyer, Mediator Amy Spitzfaden, Novelist Emily Marcus, M.D., Physician  

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