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Information Technology DepartmentVerrill Hall, Room 17

Phone: ext. 1170 (641-472-1170) 

Monday–Friday 10:30–4:00 p.m.

Saturday 1:30–3:00 p.m. 

The Department of Information Technology operates computer servers and networks associated with the University’s computing facilities. Applications for e-mail accounts, residence hall ethernet access, and modem accounts are available during the hours listed above. Students may make online requests for computer assistance by:

    logging on to

    calling ext.1170 (641-472-1170), or


General Use of Computer Labs

There are general purpose computers in the basement of the Argiro Student Center as well as three jacks into which one can plug his or her laptop computer for Internet access.

The Library maintains Computer Labs for general use and Internet access in the Library. See “Library Services” for open hours. There are several public access computers available, and many Ethernet ports into which one can plug a laptop computer for Internet access.

Academic Computer Labs

(Access is limited to students taking classes in the respective department.) 

The following departments offer computer labs. Access is limited to students taking classes in these departments, or by special permission of the department:

    Accounting Professional

    Computer Science


    Media/Art Lab in the Arts Center

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