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One Course per Month    

MUM Block System videoMUM uses the Block System — our students are fully immersed in one course per month, and then move on to the next course.

The Block System is immensely popular with students here because they learn more and integrate knowledge more effectively, and it eliminates the stress of taking four or five subjects at once.

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  • You take one course full-time each month, making learning more enjoyable and less stressful.
  • Meaningful learning is difficult, because your attention is scattered among different subjects.
  • Between each 4-week course is an extended 3-day weekend, with no classes or homework.
  • Stress of homework and exams in 4–5 subjects at once — all year long.
  • You learn more with less effort, allowing for lots of active and collaborative learning.
  • There is always work, and final exams, hanging over your head — all semester long.

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