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MBA, Fairfield campus, Evening-Weekend Schedule    
Department of Business Administration
Any person who works in Fairfield may attend our MBA program on evenings and weekends and complete the program in two and a half years. However, this evening-weekend program is also open to applicants who would like to work for the University as a way to pay for their degree. This internship option is open only to participants who have already taken advanced training in the Transcendental Meditation TM-Sidhi program.

Program structure
  • Classes are held on two evenings and Saturday afternoons each week, for 9 to 13 units of academic credit per semester
  • Degree requirements can be completed in approximately 3 years (five semesters and two summers)
  • Each semester includes a foundational subject and an advanced course in Sustainable Business
  • The program structure is the same as the Online MBA, so if you need to leave campus, you can continue your MBA studies online.

Evening-Weekend MBA - Regular Financing Option
Some Evening-Weekend MBA participants work in Fairfield or have their own business and study with the group on the evening-weekend schedule. They pay tuition at a special rate for this "nonstandard" program. See the details about tuition at the Tuition & Fees Semester Charges page under "Non-Standard Programs". Federal financial aid is available to US citizens and green card holders.

To apply for the Evening-Weekend MBA -- Regular Financing option, go to the application form and, under the heading Enrollment Information, answer "Which degree..." by selecting "Master's or Graduate Certificate," and then answer "What is your intended major..." by selecting "MBA: Evening-Weekend."

Evening-Weekend MBA - MUM Internship Option
The MBA Work-Study Internship program offers an opportunity for students to earn their MBA degree while working in an internship position at Maharishi University of Management. This track of the program is ideal for international students. With classes meeting in the evenings and on Saturdays, students are able to undertake a graduate assistantship in a University department and earn academic credit by integrating and applying the knowledge they learn in class.

The benefits of the MUM Internship Option are:
  • Full financial aid package for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, which includes tuition, on-campus housing, meals, health insurance, and a monthly stipend of $400
  • Join the largest community of Meditators and Sidhas in the world, and enjoy Yogic Flying in the Golden Domes
  • Work as a Graduate Assistant at the University in an area of academic or administrative support, and gain valuable knowledge and experience by studying and working at our friendly and peaceful campus where “The world is my family”.
The MUM Internship Option has additional admission requirements:
  • Open only to those who have completed the TM-SidhiR program and have been practicing it for at least a year, whereas the Evening-Weekend MBA Regular Financing Option is open to all students who meet the standard entrance requirements.
  • Excellent English fluency — speaking and writing, more than the minimum required for admission to the regular MBA program
  • Minimum 2-year commitment to the program (the degree itself may take 2.5 to 3 years)
  • Recommendations from your Transcendental Meditation program National Leader and/or the leader of the Transcendental Meditation program activities in your area.
To apply for the Evening-Weekend MBA -- Internship option, go to the application form and, under the heading Enrollment Information, answer "Which degree..." by selecting "Master's or Graduate Certificate," and then answer "What is your intended major..." by selecting “MBA: Intern Program.”
MBA Three-Year Schedule of Courses    
2014 Fall (9 credit) 
Forest Academy module (1 cr)
Human Resource Management (2 cr)
Employee Health and Wellness (2 cr)
Organizational Change for Sustainability (2 cr)
Sustainable Community Development (2 cr)

2015 Spring-Summer (13 credit) 
Forest Academy module (1 cr)
Business Law (4 cr)
Environmental Law (2 cr)
Socially and Environmentally Responsible Management (2 cr)
Human Resource Strategy (2 cr)
International Law and Human Rights (2 cr)

2015 Fall (9 credit) 
Forest Academy module (1 cr)
Marketing Management (4 cr)
Green Marketing (2 cr)
Online Business Analytics (2 cr)

2016 Spring-Summer (13 credit)
Forest Academy module (1 cr)
Managerial Accounting (4 cr)
Financial Accounting (4 cr)
Measuring and Reporting on Sustainability (4 cr)
2016 Fall (9 credit)
Forest Academy module (1 cr)
Financial Management (4 cr)
Green Investing (2 cr)
Sustainable Technologies (2 cr)
2017 Spring-Summer (13 credit)
Forest Academy module (1 cr)
Operations Management (2 cr)
Statistics for Business Process Improvement (4 cr)
Business Process Improvement (4 cr)
Performance Improvement Project (2 cr)

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