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MBA with Accounting Specialization: Overview    
Accounting experts understand “the language of business” and can communicate critical information about the financial condition and profitability of a business. In the USA, experts project there will be a strong job market in years ahead due to the approaching retirement of large numbers of accountants. Accountants who prepare well with a solid set of analytic skills and broad understanding of the various management functions are destined for productive careers.

Professor Andrew Bargerstock, Ph.D. announces the new XBRL certification training for the MBA program.
Our MBA Accounting students learn these practical career-building tools:
  • accounting theory and practice to sit for professional exams as Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
  • computer-based accounting software including QuickBooks
  • advanced Excel spreadsheet functions like pivot tables and lookups to develop insightful reports for management decision-making
  • data mining techniques using IBM's sophisticated SPSS software
  • team-based strategic and operational planning/implementation skills
  • optional XBRL certification training as a first step toward developing competency in this emerging worldwide technical standard for reporting and exchanging accounting data.
After several months of MBA Foundation classes, you will participate in a competitive online business simulation (Capsim Foundation) that challenges students to work in teams of 4-5 people while making a series of decisions running a fictional company. We compete with MBA programs around the world. From 2010-2013, our MBAs performed well in comparison to other MBA teams worldwide. In the years 2012 and 2013, eight of nine MBA teams placed in the Top 10 in the world. In 2011 and 2013, MUM produced #1 ranked teams in the world. This objective performance demonstrates the effectiveness of MBA Accounting education at MUM. Click here to read more about the simulation.

Three Tracks
The MBA with Accounting Specialization at MUM has three tracks to accommodate your level of knowledge and experience. Identify the track that fits you best!  We offer courses to prepare students to take the professional examinations that are required to become Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and Certified Management Accountants (CMA).

  • Fresh Start Track is an MBA for students with no work experience and little academic background in accounting. MUM prepares you for success as a professional accountant in 11 months to 18 months (depending on your academic background and professional work experience). There is no curricular practical training in this track. 
See Admission requirements.
Apply now to the Fresh Start track.

  • Strong Background Track requires at least 4 accounting courses. No work experience is necessary. The length of the program varies (11 to 18 months) based on previous academic background. There is no curricular practical training in this track. It is well-suited for people who possess a strong academic background in accounting and business, and who want to earn their MBA degree quickly. 
See Admission requirements.
Apply now to the Strong Background track.

  • Accounting Professionals Track addresses the needs of experienced accounting professionals who want to deepen their professional knowledge and skills. This track requires two or more years of recent full-time work experience in accounting or a related field, and a strong financial accounting academic background (three or more courses). We give priority to Chartered Accountants and experienced Oracle and SAP professionals.   If you qualify for this select MBA track, you will be eligible for loan financing through the university. Students study on campus for 7 months and then apply their MBA skills to real-life situations in the workplace for up to 2 years during curricular practical training (CPT). The entire program is 2.5 years in length.
More about the Accounting Professionals track.

Accounting Specialization Courses
MBA students earn the Specialization in Accounting by taking at least 16 credits from among the following courses. Not all courses are available every term or every year.
  • MGT 5150 Financial Accounting (4 credits)
  • MGT 5160 Managerial Accounting (4 credits)
  • MGT 5141 Intermediate Accounting I (4 credits)
  • MGT 5142 Intermediate Accounting II (4 credits)
  • MGT 5152 Auditing for Financial Accountants - CPA Review (4 credits)
  • MGT 5131 Taxation (2 credits)
  • MGT 5852 Lean Accounting Transformation (2 credits)
  • MGT 5859 US and International Accounting Practices (2 credits)
  • any of the three additional CPA Review or two CMA Review courses

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Consistent High Rankings in the CAPSIM Foundation Simulation!
The CAPSIM Foundation simulation, an online business simulation with participating teams from the top business colleges and universities throughout North America, is a popular event among the accounting students. Students have the opportunity to exercise their skills in executive decision-making and small group dynamics.
MBA Teams in Top 10
2013: 1st and 2nd place winners plus 2 more in top 10
2012: All 4 MUM teams
2011: 1st place winner
2010: 1 MUM team
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