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Business Department Undergraduate Program    
The BA in Business Administration program prepares students to be leaders in the private or public sectors. Courses in the business curriculum encompass an international perspective to help prepare graduates to function effectively in the world’s varied cultural and business settings. Students are trained to be broad thinkers, harmonious contributors to teams, and experts in creative change. Undergraduate programs in the business department are listed below:

BA in Business Administration

grow in leadership

Through your course work in business, you will gain the best classical knowledge of the foundations of management in accounting, finance, marketing, production, and human resource management. And through Maharishi’s technologies of consciousness, you’ll grow in the qualities of leadership most sought after in business: creative problem-solving ability, communications skill, integrity, stability, flexibility, dynamism, and harmony with others.
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Minor in Business Administration

enhance your career

Add a business minor to an Art degree, Media & Communications degree, Math degree... Any degree program can be enhanced with the practicality of Business.  To graduate with a Minor in Business Administration, students must complete 20 credits of course work in business, including MGT 200 Principles of Business Success.
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Minor in Government

universal principals for success

This Minor in Government encompasses the universal principals of all governments, while spanning a wide variety of topics, such as International Law, Ethics, Human Resources, and more. 
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Minor in World Peace

changing the collective consciousness

Maharishi University of Management is uniquely qualified to offer a minor in World Peace. To graduate with this minor, students must complete MVS/GOV 380 The Individual as the Unit of World Peace and GOV 290 Collective Consciousness and World Peace, and 12 credits of course work from a specific list of courses.
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Certificate in Business Studies

learn business in a single semester

Any student with a high school diploma and a GPA of 2.5 is eligible to apply for a Certificate in Business Studies. To receive this Certificate, students must complete 18 credits including, STC 108 (description), plus any three undergraduate MGT courses (12 credits). Students will also be expected to follow the Development of Consciousness requirements while they are enrolled in the certificate program.
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Special Features of our Program    

Project-Based Learning

encouraging entrepreneurship

The programs and courses of the Business Department are oriented around real-world and/or active-learning projects. Undergraduate majors write business plans for their own entrepreneurial ventures. Students in the MBA program consult with local businesses and organizations to improve their business processes and measure and improve their sustainability.

One Course Per Month

go deep and focus

block system

At MUM you take one full-time course each month, instead of juggling 4-5 subjects at once. This helps you do the following: give your full attention to each class, and go deeper into knowledge and projects. It also allows for more study abroad opportunities, as well as internship opportunites, since they can be completed one month at a time.

Learn from professionals

start your career

Our Business Department faculty are experienced and active in their fields - including accounting, LEAN management, statistics, law, and more. They draw on this experience in each course to help students achieve their own career goals, including helping students launch their own businesses.

TM Practice Helps

water the root to enjoy the fruit

At the core of our Business programs is the practice of the most widely-researched program for personal development, the Transcendental Meditation program. Hundreds of peer-reviewed research studies have documented the effects of the Transcendental Meditation program on learning ability, academic achievement, creativity, ego development, health, and interpersonal behavior. 

International Community

come and join us

Students at MUM come from countries all over the world, including China, India, many European countries, South Africa and other African countries, Mexico, Central America, and North and South America. International friends that you make while a student are culturally-enriching and career-enhancing.


in the USA or abroad

The MUM block system is ideal for internships, since students can fully immerse themselves in a real-world job environment for a month at a time, or several months in a row. International internship opportunities are also available.

Deep Sustainability & Ethics

becoming stewards of the earth

The curriculum explores issues of ethical integrity, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability to prepare business leaders to be stewards of society and the environment. Deep Green Business and Deep Sustainability refers to the transformation of consciousness necessary to truly embed sustainability in our companies and our society.


Natural Law & World Peace

exploring the organization of nature

Maharishi University of Management is the leading university in the world specializing in development of human consciousness. It is an ideal place to learn how to create and study the transformation of organizations and society through developing and utilizing full human potential. All organizations best serve their stakeholders by developing the creativity, intelligence, emotional maturity, and ethical sensitivity of their own employees.

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