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Two Reasons Why    
1. Why should I get my doctorate in business?

There are three basic ”types” of people: those who like to work with things, with people, or with ideas. These categories also match up with the technical, human, and conceptual skills first described in the classic 1974 Harvard Business Review article by Robert Katz. If you are a conceptual type, and you like teaching students and answering questions about how the world of business works, a Ph.D. program could be right for you. With a Ph.D. in Management you can go into a career as a business professor, high-level consultant, corporate trainer, or other areas of interest.

2. Why should I get my doctorate in business at MUM?

We take in a group of 6-8 doctoral students every two years, giving each group time to complete their coursework and prepare for their comprehensive exams under the exclusive attention of our faculty. Our Ph.D. in Management focuses on sustainable business, a very hot area for research and consulting. Our faculty and doctoral students are a community of deep thinkers concerned with the future of business and society, who seek solutions that can work and who wish to make a difference in both theory and in practice.

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