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FEBRUARY 26, 2017 • ISSUE 375

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Manas Kshirsagar


With his father, Vaidya Suhas Kshirsagar, on the MUM campus


At Serenity Spa


Being interviewed for local television in Sacramento

Manas Kshirsagar – Maintaining The Ayurvedic Tradition

MUM student Manas Kshirsagar was born in India, where Ayurveda is a lifestyle. The son of Ayurvedic Vaidyas, Suhas and Manisha Kshirsagar, Manas began learning about Ayurveda early, as conversations over the dinner table often centered around the health of patients.

But when he entered medical school, Manas found that modern medicine didn’t approach health the same holistic way Ayurveda did. Instead, it placed the emphasis on disease and disorder. So Manas left India and came to MUM to study Ayurveda. He earned a BS in health and physiology and became a Maharishi AyurVeda Wellness Consultant in 2013. 

Manas is currently completing his MS in Maharishi AyurVeda and integrative medicine at MUM. At the same time, he is supervising an Ayurveda program at Serenity Spa & Soul Yoga, a health and wellness center in Sacramento, California.

Manas appreciates that the online master’s program allows him to apply what he is learning in his own practice. “It’s important to understand your clients and work with them on an ongoing basis,” he said.

“One of my main responsibilities is to help clients understand what is going on inside their bodies, so they can see what governs their physical imbalances and make tiny adjustments every single day,” he said. “Ayurveda is a self-referral process, and empowering clients is the best way to allow them to make the necessary changes in their lives.”

Manas has a mutually supportive relationship with the local hospital, where many doctors are receptive to Ayurveda. Education is one of his missions, so he regularly lectures in hospitals, corporate offices, and yoga studios.

“We are proud of Manas's great achievements,” said Paul Morehead, director of the MS in Maharishi AyurVeda and Integrative Medicine Program distance education track. “He is becoming one of the most successful Maharishi AyurVeda practitioners in the US. It is amazing to see how professional, natural, and effective he has become in inspiring his clients.”

This spring Manas will be a featured speaker at multiple events, including the National Ayurvedic Medical Association’s conference in Chicago. Recently he earned a spot on local television to host a show about Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation.

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