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NOVEMBER 27, 2016 • ISSUE 367

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MUM student Niloofar Mofrad


In a photography class with fellow students and Professor Ken West


With friends on the Mother Divine campus


Diving deep with the Mother Divine Program

Niloofar Mofrad – Consciousness and Sustainability

Niloofar Mofrad grew up in Iran and learned the Transcendental Meditation® technique at 15. She soon found out about MUM and became fascinated with the idea of attending a school where students focus on the growth of their consciousness along with their studies.

The practice of the TM® technique had expanded Niloofar’s outlook and she wanted more fulfillment from her education. On a friend’s recommendation, she went to Malaysia to study at HELP University. During her three-year stay in Malaysia, she connected with the local Transcendental Meditation Center and learned several Advanced Techniques of the Transcendental Meditation program. In 2013 she transferred to MUM.

Once at MUM, Niloofar took the first opportunity to learn the TM-Sidhi® program and since then has enjoyed her group practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi programs including Yogic Flying®. “It’s important in my life to be able to go deep within,” said Niloofar. “I have become a different person: happier, more confident, and capable of appreciating the blessings in my life.” Last year she decided to take “the semester in the gap” with the Mother Divine ProgramSM and incorporate research in consciousness into her studies.

At MUM Niloofar also enjoys spending time with friends, interacting with people, and showing kindness. “I learn a lot about who I am through others,” she said. “We are different, yet we go through similar experiences.”

During her studies in sustainable living, Niloofar became interested in the philosophy of sustainability and its implications for ecological and social transformation. To combine that with her interest in Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM, she decided to graduate with an individualized major in sustainability and consciousness.

“Niloofar is a deep thinker,” said John Collins, director of the individualized major program. “She has had the great insight that consciousness is primary in all areas of life, and that it contains the critical solutions for creating a sustainable world.”

In her senior project, Niloofar is exploring the relevance of spirituality and the development of consciousness for the growth of sustainability from the point of view of three contemporary sustainability thinkers: Satish Kumar, Thomas Berry, and Joanna Macy. She hopes to shed light on how the understanding of consciousness in their work can be connected to Maharishi Vedic Science.

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