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MAY 1, 2016 • ISSUE 340

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Dr. Thimmaiah (center) with the directors of AgriBio Italy, Germana and Ivo Bertaina, in their market outlet where they help organic and biodynamic farmers to market their produce


Participants of the biodynamic agriculture workshop in Cissone, Italy


Dr. Thimmaiah talking to agriculture technology high school students in Asti, Italy


Dr. John Fagan, professor of molecular biology, giving a presentation on Maharishi Vedic Agriculture at Harvard Divinity School


Dr. Travis Cox, co-director of the Sustainable Living Undergraduate Program, speaking on integral agriculture at Harvard Divinity School

MUM Faculty Offer Agriculture Workshop in Italy and at Harvard

MUM Professor A. Thimmaiah presented a two-day workshop on biodynamic agriculture last month in Cissone, Italy. He was invited by AgriBio, an association of over 1,000 farmers who practice biodynamic agriculture in Italy, to speak about this approach to agriculture and his experiences in implementing organic agriculture in the country of Bhutan. He also spoke about MUM and the Transcendental Meditation® technique at this and other venues.

“The members of AgriBio were very appreciative of Consciousness-Based education and the Transcendental Meditation technique, especially since biodynamic agriculture is based on perennial philosophy that connects to the spiritual realm,” Dr. Thimmaiah said.

AgriBio is interested in hosting MUM students for internships, including a ten-month certificate program in organic and biodynamic agriculture that MUM is planning to offer beginning in January of 2017.

Dr. Thimmaiah met with officials at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, a university that has played a major role in founding the worldwide slow-food movement. His trip also included talking to students at a high school in Asti, Italy — the first high school in Italy to introduce biodynamic agriculture and organic agriculture in the curriculum. In addition, he spent two days at Cascina Degli Ulivi, a world-renowned winery that uses biodynamic agriculture.

Dr. Thimmaiah was also part of an MUM delegation that spoke at a conference on “The Spirit of Sustainable Agriculture” hosted by Harvard Divinity School. MUM co-sponsored a workshop where Dr. Thimmaiah spoke on biodynamic agriculture, while Dr. John Fagan and Dr. Travis Cox discussed Maharishi Vedic AgricultureSM and integral agriculture respectively. Dr. Thimmaiah was also one of the five speakers at the plenary session.

In his plenary presentation, Dr. Thimmaiah discussed the future of agriculture — instead of genetically modified crops and food laden with toxic chemical residues, the future is clean, Vedic, and biodynamic agriculture that integrates culture and sacredness with food and farming.

Dr. Thimmaiah said that while some presenters spoke about agriculture in the context of their faith-based systems, they appreciated the universal laws of nature articulated by the MUM faculty. “They really appreciated how we connect this deep Vedic philosophy with modern science, and the way we link spirituality with agriculture,” Dr. Thimmaiah said.

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