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MARCH 23, 2016 • ISSUE 335

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Spring 2015 retreat at the Mother Divine campus with MUM faculty, staff, and students


Students having fun in the country setting of the Mother Divine campus


Students Kelsey Latta, Niloofar Abolpour-Mofrad, Jessica Keen, and Karen Aoki taking their semester of research in the practice of the TM technique


Kelsey Latta and Niloofar Abolpour-Mofrad taking a walk on the Mother Divine campus

TM Retreats Offered to Women at MUM

Women at MUM now have the option to attend Transcendental Meditation® retreats with the Mother Divine ProgramSM, a group of women dedicated to realizing their full potential and enlivening world peace through the nourishing power of bliss and coherence.

The TM® retreats allow students to practice the TM technique in the relaxed setting of an all-women environment in Maharishi Vedic City, 10 minutes from MUM. The Mother Divine Program offered its first weekend retreat in March 2014, and since then over 85 students, staff, and faculty have participated.

“After my first retreat with the Mother Divine Program, I experienced a profound sense of clarity within myself that inspired me to take every monthly TM retreat for the rest of the semester,” said student Nicole Winning. “Many would compliment me on how different I looked as the months went by, which I felt to be their recognition of the increasing peace and happiness that were growing within myself.”

The Mother Divine Program offers these courses in partnership with the Development of Consciousness Department at MUM, and students receive credit for their attendance. The course leaders are familiar MUM faculty and staff members.

“The Mother Divine ladies are wonderful hosts, making you feel at home with their nourishing attention on every aspect of the course,” said Jessica Keen, Maharishi Vedic Science PhD student, who organized the first retreat. “The atmosphere here is very peaceful and lends itself to profound experiences in meditation. When you return to the classroom, this experience is lively in your awareness and you are able to integrate it with your academic study more easily.”

In addition to the weekend retreats, students can also participate in a month-long Taste of Blissful Life retreat in August coinciding with the Forest Academy block. Students wishing to incorporate research on the practice of the TM technique in their degree program can also take a “semester in the gap” on the Mother Divine campus. This option is available to all students through taking the TM Program Research Internship course for academic credit.

“As a student, it’s been a very practical experience for me as I’ve grown in flexibility and adaptability,” said student Niloofar Abolpour-Mofrad, who took the “semester in the gap” course. “I am able to adapt in the midst of perpetual changes and circumstances in my life and yet remain stable. Everything in life is more enjoyable.”

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