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MARCH 6, 2016 • ISSUE 333

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Media and communications student Tara De Santis


With MUM faculty member Cody Olivas


Recording a song at MUM


At KRUU radio station with station manager James Moore

Tara De Santis Begins Her Musical Career at MUM

Growing up in Montreal, Canada, Tara De Santis has always been around music due to her father’s love of music. She began writing songs at age 15, but didn’t know how to play an instrument. Since her arrival at MUM, she has written 200 songs.

Tara learned the TM® technique as a child, and came to a Visitors Weekend while in high school in Canada. The organic vegetarian cafeteria, the small supportive community, and the peaceful atmosphere all contributed to her choosing MUM.

Tara knew she wanted to major in media and communications, but she wasn’t sure about her concentration. When she took a class in music production with Cody Olivas, she discovered her calling. She learned how to create beats on her computer and since then she hasn’t stopped making music.

“When it comes to her creative passions, Tara’s work ethic is remarkable,” said Cody Olivas, instructor of media and communications. “She is diligent in her endeavors and has a keen attention to detail. Her success is inevitable.”

Under the artist name Veda, Tara collaborated with a producer on Soundcloud and released a couple of singles. She wrote the lyrics and provided the vocals. Tara is also collaborating with fellow MUM students and graduates to create music videos for her new website.

Tara credits the practice of the TM technique for the upsurge in her creativity. “Since I started meditating regularly and took the TM-Sidhi® course last summer, I have been writing songs on a weekly basis,” she said.

Tara also hosts a radio show on the local station KRUU and deejays in local clubs. In the future, she hopes to do some internships in music production in Los Angeles and continue collaborating with fellow musicians and filmmakers.

Tara says she wants to maximize her time at MUM and learn as much as she can about various forms of creative media. “Having small classes helps a lot,” she said. “Having Consciousness-Based education makes a big difference for me because I have ADHD. It helps me focus on my creativity.”

Tara’s goal is to create music that is life supporting and that represents her values of love, truth, personal growth, and empowerment.

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