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AUGUST 30, 2015 • ISSUE 308

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Tony Nader, MD, PhD, Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, editor-in-chief


Cathy Gorini, PhD, executive editor


John Lediaev, PhD, associate editor

MUM Inaugurates Journal on Mathematics and Consciousness

Maharishi University of Management has launched a new online journal, International Journal of Mathematics and Consciousness, with the goal of examining consciousness from the point of view of mathematics.

The inspiration for the journal came from Professor Tony Nader, MD, PhD — Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam — who has written numerous books on the expression of Veda and the Vedic literature in the human physiology. Maharaja is both the founder and editor-in-chief of the journal.

“Maharaja is very interested in working with mathematicians to develop ways to describe consciousness and higher states of consciousness using mathematics, as well as to put concepts from the Vedic literature into a mathematical framework,” said Cathy Gorini, professor of mathematics at MUM and executive editor of the journal.

In his introduction to the journal, Maharaja writes: “Mathematics is a fundamental and indispensable tool of all sciences, while at the same time it is an expression of abstract human awareness and intellect. It is, therefore, the most precise scientifically reliable tool in the exploration of the dynamics of consciousness. It can be seen as the precise abstract representation of consciousness at work.”

The first article in the journal, by Maharaja, entitled “Consciousness Is All There Is: A Mathematical Approach with Applications,” is the beginning of a series of papers aimed at solving the problem of how the physical universe emerges from consciousness.

“The journal is also a catalyst for the development of a comprehensive mathematical foundation for the science of consciousness, analogous to the set-theoretic foundation for the science of mathematics,” said John Lediaev, emeritus associate professor of mathematics at the University of Iowa and associate editor of the journal. “This development is possible because the universal elements of mathematics mirror those of consciousness.”

The journal welcomes articles from all mathematicians and scientists, presenting their theories of consciousness using the rigorous approach of mathematics. MUM is the journal’s hosting institution. The editorial board is composed of several MUM faculty members, including Drs. Anne Dow, Paul Corazza, and John Hagelin, as well as professors from other universities.

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