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APRIL 26, 2015 • ISSUE 293

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Collaboration and teamwork, two of the main features of the program


An example of a major community project students will participate in for credit


Sustainable Living students being mentored in beekeeping

MA in Sustainable Living Begins Next Fall

The Sustainable Living program has been one of MUM’s most popular majors in recent years. Building on the success of the undergraduate program, MUM is now offering a new Sustainable Living master’s program starting next fall, with a focus on Deep Sustainability.

Deep Sustainability offers a new perspective for human civilization, a holistic open-minded approach to solving the planet’s problems by radically redesigning entire systems from the most basic level.

For example, instead of just creating more efficient cars, Deep Sustainability would create a high quality of life where people are able to meet their needs close to where they live so that the demand for automobile transportation is reduced, if not eliminated.

During the first year of the program, students will be taking classes and field trips as well as working on semester or year-long projects in the community, addressing local challenges. In the second year, they will have the chance to choose or design a major project and work in the field guided by mentors.

“This really makes the program unique,” said David Fisher, chair of the Department of Sustainable Living. “We have a lot more practical applications than other programs.”

One of the main features of the program is the “cohort system,” where students will be taking their courses together and learning to work as a team. The classes will also feature collaborative learning, rather than the usual lecture method.

“I like the Sustainable Living master’s program because it’s a hands-on program, and you can pick a project of your interest and work on it for a year or two,” said undergraduate student Kim Strubell, who has applied for the program. “And then you get the support of the professors, the department, and the staff.”

The fields of study that are covered in the MA in Sustainable Living include advanced ecological design, cultural competence, holistic community development, transformative entrepreneurship, and holistic social justice.

Graduates of the program will be prepared to assist any group of environmentally-minded people, such as a village, a business, a school, or a non-profit, to integrate holistic resilience into all of their sustainability endeavors.

The sustainability job market has grown in the past year as more and more businesses and organizations integrate sustainability into their operations. Some of the careers MUM Sustainable Living graduates have found include sustainability consultant, green builder, eco designer, urban grower, and social justice advocate.

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