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APRIL 19, 2015 • ISSUE 292

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MUM students Maggie and Rhett Robinson


Maggie taking a sculpture class at MUM


Playing the French Queen mother at the traveling Renaissance fair

TM Teacher Attends MUM After 40 Years

MUM student Maggie Robinson learned the TM® technique at 19, and four years later she became a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation® technique. Had she known about MUM at the time, she would have become a student. That was about 40 years ago. Now, a mother of three and a grandmother of five, Maggie decided it’s better late than never. Last summer, she and her husband Rhett sold their four-acre pesticide-free farm in Pennsylvania and enrolled at MUM.

Maggie attended a Visitors Weekend last May and was convinced. “My favorite part of the Visitors Weekend was the student panel,” she said. “I thought this place was so alive, I had to be here.”

Maggie worked in printing and graphic design and taught herself the trade. She started in a print shop and later transitioned to digital design. For several years, she also worked at a traveling Renaissance fair, living in a tepee with her husband and two teenage sons.

At MUM she decided to study literature, because she always loved reading. She is also minoring in art and discovered that she has always been an artist. “I love my classes because each one makes me think, inspires me to grow, and presents new ways of looking at and experiencing the world,” said Maggie. “The professors are not only experts in their fields, but also excel at meeting students where the students are. They offer flexibility in teaching styles and valuable feedback.”

Rhett is studying Sustainable Living and expanding his already extensive knowledge of sustainable living practices. He enjoys being with like-minded people and is planning to build a sustainable tiny house in Fairfield for him and Maggie.

Prior to coming to MUM, Maggie was concerned about having a social life on campus because most of the students are much younger than she is. However, she was delighted that her concerns were unfounded; she made several friends at the Visitors Weekend who are now her classmates, and she continues to make friends of all ages.

Last winter, Maggie fulfilled her 40-year dream and learned the TM-Sidhi® program. “It truly feels like coming home, like the completion of a circle,” she said.

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