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JANUARY 25, 2015 • ISSUE 281

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Aster Hesse, co-dean, Admissions


Gwen Stowe, co-dean, Admissions


Alwin Hesse, dean of men


Chris Taft and Beata Nacsa, directors of Campus Safety and Security

Young Administrators Fill
Leadership Positions at MUM

During the past few months, the University appointed several new administrators in key leadership positions. Among these are the role of dean of admissions, which is now shared by Aster Hesse and Gwen Stowe. Ms. Hesse is a native of Holland with an MA degree in Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM from MUM. She has been working in Admissions for five years. Previously, she worked for Maharishi Open University (MOU) and Maharishi European Research University in Holland.

Ms. Stowe is a graduate of Middlebury College in Vermont and has been working in Admissions for two years. “I’m honored by this opportunity to serve the University in a greater capacity, and look forward to working with my fellow dean Aster Hesse to achieve progress in many areas for the Admissions Department,” said Ms. Stowe.

The new dean of men is Alwin Hesse, who holds a degree from MUM in Maharishi Vedic Science and has worked for Admissions since 2010 before becoming dean of men. Along with his sister, Aster Hesse, he also worked for MOU and in various other positions for the Transcendental Meditation® organization.

After many years of exceptional service to the University, outgoing Campus Safety and Security directors James and Linda Bedinger are passing the torch to Chris Taft and Beata Nacsa. Mr. Taft has worked at MUM for five years, first as director of US Admissions and then as associate dean of students. He has extensive experience in construction and martial arts, and is well acquainted with the student body and community.

"Taking on the responsibility of director of Campus Safety and Security is very rewarding for me,” he said. “It's very natural for me to have the role of protector.”

Ms. Nacsa has a twenty-year history working as a barrister, judge, and professor of law in Hungary. She is an MBA intern who came to MUM in 2013. In her new position she is able to draw on her experience as a labor and employment lawyer.

“I feel lucky to be able to work with Chris Taft, as we complement each other in many different ways,” said Ms. Nacsa. “I am convinced that together we will be able to provide a great service to the MUM community in the areas of security and safety.”

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