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NOVEMBER 9, 2014 • ISSUE 272

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MUM student Luke Hillis performing a magic trick for Maharaja during the last night of the course


Participants of the Next Generation Course


Dr. Morris making a wish on behalf of all of the next generation of leaders


MUM Alumna Minolli Nayagar discussing with Maharaja one of the 10 questions she submitted as part of the Next Generation Course application process

Maharaja Leads Course for
Next Generation of Leaders

MUM hosted the first Next Generation Course in September, with 124 leaders attending from 40 countries. The next generation of leaders had the opportunity to attend daily meetings with Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, who heads Maharishi’s organizations worldwide, and to prepare for leadership positions in these organizations. Many of the attendees were MUM alumni who are part of the global network of Enlightened Leadership International (ELI).

Enlightened Leadership International grew out of the Enlightened Leadership Program, founded on campus 22 months ago, and now boasts hundreds of members in 40 countries. Following the course for international leaders came a three-day event for 84 leaders of MUM including students, staff, and faculty.

“We went deeply into the knowledge of higher states of consciousness with Maharaja, and had the opportunity to ask him any questions we liked,” said Natalie and Adam Delfiner, members of the ELI board of directors from Australia. “He really is an incredible human being and it is very clear why Maharishi chose him to represent Maharishi’s organizations in this generation. He is so humble, sweet, gentle, and extremely full of knowledge – a truly enlightened leader.”

“This new generation of leaders are so committed, just like the generation before,” said Adrienne Schoenfeld, ELI executive director. “They share a common vision and are ready to move forward in a completely unified way – two generations working together for even greater growth and expansion globally under Maharaja’s leadership. It is not a matter of growing into leadership – they are already leaders.”

“I would ask an intellectual question and would have an experience associated with it the same or next day,” said Michael Heinrich, a graduate student at Stanford University from Germany. “It was so wonderful to see lots of leaders wanting to create Heaven on Earth.”

ELI members are already planning a similar course next year with increased numbers. In the meantime, two ELI summits are scheduled to be held in Vlodrop, Holland, for January and July, and another one is planned for Bali in April. “It’s important for the next generation to be together and get to know one another, since they will be working together for many decades to come,” said Ms. Schoenfeld.

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