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OCTOBER 12, 2014 • ISSUE 269

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MUM Student Government President Lilith Shoemaker


With the current MUM Student Government


With her brother, Aaron, also a member of Student Government

Lilith Shoemaker — Student Body President

Lilith Shoemaker grew up in Carmel Valley, California, and spent her early years homeschooled by her parents. She enjoyed learning, but when she entered high school she found the long school days and lack of creativity challenging and unrewarding. So she vowed to find a college where studying would be stress-free and fun.

Even though she learned the Maharishi Word of WisdomSM program at age six, by the time she was in high school she wasn’t practicing it. Then one day an old friend told her about MUM. She soon learned the Transcendental Meditation® technique and applied to MUM. “If everybody there wanted to develop their consciousness and grow personally on top of their educational growth, that was the place where I wanted to be,” said Lilith.

Now in her third year of studying sustainable living and Maharishi Vedic Science, Lilith enjoys the effortless learning experience of Consciousness-Based℠ education. Studying one subject at a time, having small class sizes, and doing team-based projects helped her rediscover the joy of learning.

In Lilith’s experience, the TM® and TM-Sidhi® programs have created inner and outer changes in her, including the growth of self-confidence. “I was shy and inward and turned into a blossoming person who could interact with people, and my shyness dwindled away,” she said. 

As a result of overcoming her shyness, she applied for the position of secretary in the MUM Student Government after her first year. The next year, she decided to stretch her boundaries even more and ran for president. On the personal level, she inspired her brother to attend MUM, her mother to re-start her TM program, and her father to learn it.

“Lilith is an exceptional student with a passion for knowledge and research,” said Rod Eason, professor of Maharishi Vedic Science. “Her pilot study on the TM-Sidhi program and resilience made an important contribution to the field. In everything she does, she brings out the best in herself and inspires that in others.”

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