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SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 • ISSUE 266

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Undergraduate student Monika Dewi


With a group of high school friends who inspired her to learn the TM technique


Attending a World Peace Assembly on the Mother Divine campus

Monika Dewi - Passion for Making Documentaries

Monika Dewi hails from the island of Bali, Indonesia, where she learned the Transcendental Meditation® technique at age 16. She immediately volunteered to help her TM® instructor organize courses and group meditations. Her parents were first worried that her newfound enthusiasm for meditation would negatively impact her studies. But quite the opposite happened, as the TM technique took the stress out of studying – Monika got the highest score on her high school final exams. His doubts completely dispelled, Monika’s father also learned the TM technique.

“TM helped me take it easy and not worry about my exams,” said Monika. “I knew I just had to study and I would remember it. TM also helped me be more efficient.”

After high school, Monika studied tourism for a year and then worked in a resort as reservation staff. Even though she liked her job, she couldn't stop thinking about MUM. One day she made a friend on Facebook, who encouraged her to come and helped her with her application. Monika enrolled in 2012 and is now majoring in media and communications.

Monika is specializing in film and hopes to take an internship next semester with the goal of making a documentary about a school in Bali that adopted Consciousness-Based℠ education. “My passion is in documentary,” Monika said. “Because I have seen a lot of people suffer, I want to capture that and show it to the world. And I hope that the TM community can support more of these unfortunate people to learn TM.”

In 2012, Monika learned the TM-Sidhi program and in 2013 she was awarded the Super Radiance scholarship, which enables her to attend MUM through being on the Ladies’ Dome security team. In her free time, Monika enjoys taking photos, singing, and learning to play the guitar.

“Monika is a beautiful person who sincerely cares for others,” said Elaine Pomfrey, MUM faculty member. “In her role as a resident advisor in the dorms, she has helped many students adjust to campus life during the past two years. In addition, Monika is an excellent student and contributes her unique point of view to class discussions.”

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