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AUGUST 27, 2014 • ISSUE 263

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Melodia and Coral Morales with their lead actress Eden West (photo by Gabriel Romero)


A scene from The Scribbler


Director Cody Olivas (on the right) on the set of Apotheosis


A scene from Apotheosis


Jake Dilley and McManus Woodend directing and starring in We’ll Know When We Get There

Students from David Lynch MA in Film to Show Their Final Projects

The first year of the David Lynch MA in film program came to an end this summer, but students are still finishing their final projects. The 15 students in the program wrote, filmed, and edited 11 short films, TV pilots, and feature films.

“The teachers were so generous and flexible,” said Coral Morales. “They made it possible for us to get really creative in our own way. They didn’t put limitations on us and they gave us the proper guidance and space to grow on our own.”

Coral, along with her sister Melodia, wrote, produced, and directed a proof of concept for a science fiction TV pilot, called The Scribbler, about a young woman who uses her ability of manipulating the immediate future through writing to save humanity from the loss of free will.

Coral and Melodia recruited cast and crew members from the Media and Communications undergraduate program as well as the wider Fairfield community, while other students flew in members of their teams from other cities. “It was mainly just getting friends inspired and telling them about the story,” said Cody Olivas.

Cody wrote, directed, and produced a 55-minute psychological thriller, titled Apotheosis, about a young artist discovering himself. He, like most of the students, is also editing his own film. In addition, students did their own fundraising to cover expenses such as meals for their cast and crew.

The practice of the Transcendental Meditation® technique was an integral part of the filmmaking process. “If we didn’t have TM, we would have felt really stressed,” said Melodia. “There are so many responsibilities to take care of that staying grounded within is the only way to succeed.” 

“The MA program has been a catalyst for my own artistic and interpersonal growth, and the introduction of TM into my life has given me great joy and a newly found sense of self-acceptance,” said Jake Dilley.

Jake and fellow student McManus Woodend wrote, directed, produced, and starred in We’ll Know When We Get There, an 88-minute mockumentary about two talentless brothers from Fairfield on a journey to be discovered at the South By Southwest® music festival in Austin, Texas.

Students are scheduled to show their work during a public viewing this fall.

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