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JULY 13, 2014 • ISSUE 260

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Dr. Anil Maheshwari, professor of management information systems


Teaching the business intelligence and data mining course at MUM


Dr. Maheshwari’s book, available as an Amazon Kindle eBook

Professor Maheshwari Publishes eBook on Data Mining

Last fall professor Anil Maheshwari, who heads the graduate program in Management Information Systems at MUM, decided to write his own textbook. He has taught MUM’s data mining course numerous times and says, “I got the feedback from students that they liked the course but not the textbook. The textbooks in this area are too complex, too big, too expensive, and the MBA students didn’t want all that detail.”

Data mining textbooks are designed for computer science students, while MUM’s data mining course caters to a combination of computer science and management students. Dr. Maheshwari filled the need with an inexpensive, concise, 150-page book that not only covers business intelligence and data mining, but also provides a context by including chapters on databases and big data. “I wrote it in a conversational tone, with practical examples, instead of using buzzwords, jargon, abbreviations, and too much mathematics,” he said.

The book, titled Business Intelligence and Data Mining Made Accessible, is currently available on the Amazon Kindle platform. The book was published in April and Dr. Maheshwari has already used it in a class at MUM as well as in MUM’s MBA program in South Africa, with enthusiastic response from students and faculty.

“This book is a splendid and valuable addition to this subject,” wrote Dr. Edi Shivaji, adjunct professor of management information systems at MUM, who used the textbook in his course. A manager at a telecom company wrote, “As a complete novice to BIDM just starting out on an MBA course I found the book incredibly useful and very easy to follow and understand.".  

Since last year, MUM has been participating in an IBM initiative where students can access IBM’s industry-leading data mining software and courseware at no cost. More than 100 MUM graduate students have been trained in the use of these software tools. Dr. Maheshwari is now working with IBM to have his new textbook be incorporated into their course materials worldwide. The book is also an ideal first read for managers, professors, and professionals who want an introduction on how to make sense of data.

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