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JUNE 15, 2014 • ISSUE 257

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Yoko and Naoki Mizutani, directors of the Akasaka Maharishi Invincibility Center, who organized the group visit


Yoshiko Makino, master of Shodo, giving a calligraphy demonstration


The Japanese group with members of the Enlightened Leadership Program


Visiting the historic American Gothic House


People contributing their favorite impressions of Fairfield and MUM to a group painting created by artist Kiyoko Motai

MUM Hosts Japanese Visitors

MUM hosted a group of 29 visitors from Japan in May, all of whom practice the Transcendental Meditation® technique. The large group was led by MUM alumnus Naoki Mizutani and his wife Yoko, who together run the Akasaka Maharishi Invincibility Center near Tokyo.

“Having been to MUM, both Naoki and Yoko felt that more people from Japan simply had to come and share their experience,” said Don Wolfe, who organized the schedule for the visitors. “When Dr. Bevan Morris gave a presentation at the Akasaka center last fall, it created such a wave of inspiration that a group visit was proposed and 30 people quickly signed up for it.”

The guests enjoyed presentations by faculty members from the Maharishi Vedic Science, Sustainable Living, and Media and Communication departments, as well as a performance by MUM’s Creative Music Ensemble. They also met with students, including members of the Enlightened Leadership Program.

They toured Maharishi School, Vastu homes around Fairfield, and received spa treatments at the Raj Maharishi Ayurveda Health Spa. Other programs included meeting with Mayor Malloy as well as trips to the American Gothic House in Eldon and the Fairfield 1st Fridays Artwalk.

“Everyone is still talking about how great a time they had in Fairfield and how inspired they all felt to see so many bright and blissful children, students, staff and faculty, and the creative community,” said Mr. Mizutani.

One of the highlights of the visit was a demonstration of traditional Japanese calligraphy with audience participation, led by one of the guests who is a master calligrapher.

Motivated by the success of the trip the Mizutanis made it a priority to recruit MUM students from Japan using the Internet and social media. “We look forward to sending many Japanese students to MUM and announcing our achievement of establishing a Consciousness-Based university and school, as well as a group of 1200 Sidhas and a Maharishi Tower of Invincibility, in the near future,” Mr. Mizutani said.

“This new collaboration has immense potential,” said Aster Hesse, co-director of International Admissions, “not only in bringing Consciousness-Based education to Japan, but also in having many students from Japan who wish to study in the US come to MUM.”

See a short video about the visit here.

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