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JUNE 8, 2014 • ISSUE 256

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Outstanding Student Award recipient Jason Miller


Jason (fifth from the left) with fellow honors graduates and commencement speaker Jim Carrey


With fellow students in the running club

Physiology and Health Graduate
Plans to Become Naturopathic Doctor

Jason Miller graduated with a BS in physiology and health this summer and received the Outstanding Student Award for his major. Jason always wanted to be a doctor, so he studied biochemistry in his home state at the University of Vermont. During his second year he developed depression and anxiety and wanted to try meditation as a natural alternative. As a scientist, he found the validated studies about the effectiveness of the Transcendental Meditation® technique very satisfying.

“When I learned TM®, within the first two weeks I noticed real differences,” said Jason. “I would feel an ease come into my life that made me realize how much tension there used to be that I wasn’t aware of.” Three months later he decided to transfer to MUM because he thought he would be happier here.

Within two years, Jason graduated in the pre-integrative medicine track with a 4.0 GPA. While at MUM he discovered natural medicine and no longer wanted to be an allopathic doctor. During an internship he shadowed naturopathic and allopathic doctors, which gave him insights into what real healing was.

“Allopathic medicine has a fragmented understanding of health and healing,” Jason said. “We understand healing as the cessation of symptoms. The symptoms are caused by diet, lifestyle, and the disturbances and imbalances in the physiology.”

Jason has been accepted to two schools of natural medicine and is slated to attend the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, to become a doctor of naturopathic medicine. At MUM, Maharishi AyurVeda® inspired Jason. “I really love the core philosophy of removing the cause of disease and the emphasis on diet and lifestyle,” he said.

Jason also understands the importance of exercise for good health. He has been a member of MUM’s running club, participated in rock climbing, and started MUM’s first slacklining club for the sport of balancing on a low tension, slack rope fixed above the ground.

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