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MARCH 9, 2014 • ISSUE 244

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Doug Llewelyn, left, who interviewed Fairfield Mayor Ed Malloy, center, and Fairfield Iowa Convention and Visitors Bureau executive director Rustin Lippincott in Los Angeles for the television show, “Moving America Forward”


The McLaughlin Building, home of the Computer Science Department where several local business owners were trained


The Fairfield Arts and Convention Center, the hub of culture and the arts

Fairfield and MUM to be Featured on National TV

Fairfield’s entrepreneurial community will be featured in an upcoming broadcast on Youtoo TV, a cable channel carried by Time Warner, Comcast, and others.

The show, titled “Moving America Forward” and hosted by William Shatner, highlights the accomplishments of individual business owners in the U.S. Fairfield will be the first town featured on the program, which will focus on the town’s entrepreneurial spirit and how this affects the residents’ quality of life.

The segment includes interviews with Fairfield Mayor Ed Malloy and Rustin Lippincott, executive director of the Fairfield Iowa Convention and Visitors Bureau, as well as photos and footage of Fairfield places and events.

“Fairfield was recognized for fostering the environment that helped businesses grow,” said Mayor Malloy. He said many businesses were started in the late 1980s by software engineers educated at Maharishi International University.

The producers of the show selected Fairfield after seeing last year’s issue of The Smithsonian that named the town the seventh best small town in the U.S. They found Fairfield fascinating because of all the different elements of entrepreneurship, sustainability, arts, and culture.

“MUM has been the generator of many business entrepreneurs and many ideas teeming with creativity that have fueled the growth of Fairfield’s entrepreneurial business sector,” Mayor Malloy said. “We were recognized in 2003 as the most entrepreneurial city in America and much of the credit goes to the University as being a central place where people who practice the TM technique have come from all over the country and built very successful businesses. Credit also belongs to the student body and faculty who have helped mentor entrepreneurs, and students who have graduated and stayed in Fairfield, worked for local companies, or created their own businesses.”

The city of Fairfield, the Fairfield Economic Development Association, and the Fairfield Iowa Convention and Visitors Bureau have bought the rights to the video so Fairfield residents will be able to watch the segment on the Fairfield Media Center’s public access cable channel, FPAC-9.

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