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JANUARY 26, 2014 • ISSUE 239

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MUM student Kelsey Latta


Teaching a CrossFit class at Fairfield’s Boom Fitness


With friends at an MUM celebration


With her TM-Sidhi® program administrators and fellow students

Kelsey Latta — Discovering the Mind/Body/Consciousness Connection

MUM student Kelsey Latta grew up in Seattle, Washington, and started earning college credits while in high school. She took classes in multimedia design and production and eventually started looking for a spiritual/alternative university. Then her father saw a Facebook ad for MUM and they both came to a Visitors Weekend. After returning home, Kelsey learned the Transcendental Meditation® technique and in January 2012 enrolled at MUM.

Kelsey has practiced sports since she was young and four years ago she started doing CrossFit, a strength and conditioning fitness program. She enjoyed it so much that she became a certified trainer, and when she came to Fairfield she started coaching at the local CrossFit gym.

Studying at MUM has provided Kelsey with more benefits than she imagined. “The environment here is so unique and it really enables the growth and evolution of the individual, thus enabling the growth of any skill or endeavor,” she said. “I really wouldn’t recognize myself from the time I first came here. I feel like I can connect to people, which was difficult when I was younger.”

Kelsey is majoring in physiology and health and taking the pre-integrative medicine track. She finds the mind/body/spirit connection very important and wants to become an expert in understanding the relationship of thoughts and emotions to the physical body.

“I want to become a physical therapist specializing in disorders of the nervous system and how they affect the physical body,” said Kelsey. “I would like to help people recover in any way possible — that may include emotional and spiritual recovery.” Utilizing her experience with sports and exercise as well as her knowledge of Maharishi Ayurveda® and other healing modalities, Kelsey hopes to offer a holistic approach to healing.

“Kelsey is an intelligent woman who takes time to care for others,” said Elaine Pomfrey, associate dean of students. “She decided early on in her MUM career to take the TM-Sidhi program and it’s fun to see her regularly in the Dome. She literally shines with a radiant, healthy glow.”

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