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JANUARY 5, 2014 • ISSUE 236

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Steve Langerud, deputy director of Global Development


Lonnie Gamble, professor of Sustainable Living


Students from DePauw University on a course led by Lonnie Gamble in Hawaii last summer

MUM Helps Form New Iowa College
Sustainability Alliance

Professor Lonnie Gamble and administrator Steve Langerud recently spearheaded the formation of the Iowa College Sustainability Alliance along with faculty at Grinnell College and Luther College — two of Iowa's leading private colleges.

Over the last few years, there have been informal exchanges among colleges within the state. The Sustainable Living department, for example, has connected with students from other schools and attended conferences together. The purpose of the Alliance is to formalize these partnerships and organize exchanges and collaborative projects among students and faculty at colleges across Iowa.

“When we reach out, it’s amazing to see how much we can learn from each other and how much we can accomplish together,” said Steve Langerud, deputy director of Global Development. “I think it’s critical for an institution to be a thought leader and I think we have a lot of things to gain and a lot of things to give.” He said that in the area of sustainability MUM is admired for its innovative curriculum and outcomes.

Their first initiative will be a sustainability symposium for students hosted at MUM next summer. The symposium will then rotate among institutions. Other collaborations may include sharing guest speakers and creating internships and entrepreneurial activities for students.

MUM’s Rotating University courses also provide excellent opportunities to have students from various schools learn together. MUM is planning a trip to Bhutan next summer and students from other colleges are interested in attending.

According to Mr. Langerud, every college in Iowa has an interest in sustainability. “I traveled around other colleges in Iowa and the reception is positive.” he said. “We anticipate a number of other schools being interested in participating, sharing ideas, and involving their students. We already plan an exchange with Grinnell when the former Minister of Education for Bhutan visits MUM later this year.”

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