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OCTOBER 20, 2013 • ISSUE 227

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Dr. Schneider speaking at the World Ayurveda Congress in India


Dr. Schneider and Dr. Hagelin with the dean and faculty of Udayana University College of Medicine in Bali


With the dean (left) of Udayana University College of Medicine


A poster advertising one of Dr. Schneider’s several talks in Germany

Dr. Schneider Continues his World Tour for Total Heart Health

Robert Schneider, MD, FACC, Dean of the Maharishi College of Perfect Health, continued his world tour this past year traveling to India, Nepal, Indonesia, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand. The goal of the tour is to share the latest news about the American Heart Association’s recommendation of the Transcendental Meditation® program and recently published findings on preventing heart disease with Consciousness-Based℠ health care to medical leaders, policy makers, the media, and the public.

“The health problems are very similar all over the world,” said Dr. Schneider. “Cardiovascular disease, specifically heart attack and stroke, is the number one cause of death worldwide, and hypertension is considered a primary risk factor globally.”

In Bali, Dr. Schneider addressed the World Hindu Summit on Maharishi’s Vedic approaches for health and education and how these bring fulfillment to the ancient Vedic ideals at the basis of Balinese society.

While in Indonesia, he and Dr. John Hagelin met with officials from a leading medical university to discuss jointly developing a medical school based on Maharishi’s approach to integrative medicine as a collaboration between that university and MUM’s Maharishi College of Perfect Health. The MCPF at MUM currently offers BA in Physiology and PhD in physiology degrees.

Traveling in Europe, Dr. Schneider was interviewed by national media in several countries, gave presentations at top academic medical centers, and established collaborations. In Belgium, he met with representatives of European and national heart associations to discuss providing education and information to European physicians and patients about the Transcendental Meditation technique and heart health.

“I find a new level of openness everywhere I go,” Dr. Schneider said. “These organizations are inviting us to share the latest advances in prevention-oriented medicine. They realize that physicians and scientists in the U.S. have done a lot of research on alternative approaches to heart health and they want to take advantage of these verified solutions.”

For the general public, Dr. Schneider taught seminars on Total Hearth Health based on his book. On the next leg of his tour, Dr. Schneider will visit visiting Germany, India, and return to Indonesia.

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