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OCTOBER 13, 2013 • ISSUE 226

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Alexandra Pomeroy,
Student Body President


Alexandra (on the left) in the living soil class


The current MUM student government

Alexandra Pomeroy – Blending Art and Sustainability

New Student Body president Alexandra Pomeroy came to MUM from Pennsylvania, where she studied communications at Penn State University. After a four-year break from college, she searched for a “meditating vegetarian university” on the Internet – and found MUM. When she discovered that the University offered a Sustainable Living degree, she knew she had to come.

Since the beginning of 2013, Alexandra has been the “Welcome Buddy” coordinator, organizing a team of students to help orient new students. She liked organizing so much that she ran for Student Body president. As a member of her high school news team and layout editor of her college newspaper, Alexandra brings a lot of communications experience to the student government. “I want to help people have the best possible experience because I really enjoy my time here,” she said.

Alexandra learned the TM-Sidhi program® this past year. As someone who likes taking on responsibilities, she finds the TM-Sidhi program helpful in making her more balanced, fulfilled, and inspired. “I feel like meditation allows me to recognize myself and to be with myself,” she said. “That way I feel more lively during the day, because I spent time acknowledging the intelligence within me.”

“Alexandra is a live-wire, go-getter kind of natural leader who can see the big picture, command the details, and leaven it all with a sparkling sense of humor,” said Dr. David Fisher, chair of the Sustainable Living department.

Alexandra has always been practicing crafts, especially sewing, crocheting, and tie-dyeing. Studying sustainable living has inspired her to incorporate natural fibers and dyes into her new fiber art business and to motivate other artists to be more sustainable.

Within the Sustainable Living degree, Alexandra is pursuing the applied soil ecology track and has completed a one-month internship with MUM’s Living Soil Lab. In addition, she wants to study different composting methods that any home gardener can easily adopt. She looks forward to creating her own business combining her interests in art, sustainability, and yoga.

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