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SEPTEMBER 11, 2013 • ISSUE 222

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MUM alumnus Eric Carter


The Galaxy Ninja Team: (from left to right) Joey Delre, Rosalie van den Bos, David Jung, Eric Carter, Tegan Perry, and (horizontally) Asher Fergusson


Eric with Dr. Norman Rosenthal

Eric Carter — The Consciousness of Internet Marketing

Eric Carter is co-owner and creative director of Galaxy Ninja Social, a business founded by four MUM alumni. The company focuses on Internet and social media marketing as well as Web development.

Eric came to MUM in 2005 and received a degree in physiology and health with a minor in Sustainable Living, and then went on to obtain a master’s in Maharishi Vedic Science.

“My master’s program in Maharishi Vedic Science was such a gem,” Eric said. “It allowed me to dive in and experience the core of Maharishi’s knowledge. The one thing I take away is the ability to walk in my shoes with more contentment and more evenness. This is because of the integration of Transcendental Consciousness into my daily activity, which I experience through Transcendental Meditation, its advanced techniques, and reading Sanskrit.”

After graduating from MUM, Eric moved to his family’s cabin in Tahoe, California, and started writing a book about his experience of Maharishi’s teachings. During this time, he also taught himself Web development and Internet marketing so that he could reach more people about growing in higher states of consciousness.

When returning to Fairfield a year later, Eric found there was serious demand for integrated Internet marketing. He met with MUM alumnus Asher Fergusson and they started working on projects for the International TM® Organization. Soon they were joined by alumni Tegan Perry and Joey Delre, as well as David Jung, a fellow practitioner of the TM® technique they met in Vlodrop, Holland. Galaxy Ninja was born.

“The one thing I most love about our team is that it’s like a family,” Eric said. “The communication and deep values put an emphasis on our personal growth. That’s a benefit that comes from going to MUM, because MUM makes the student primary, rather than the books.”

Eric has worked on projects for many Transcendental Meditation centers, the David Lynch Foundation, and numerous Fairfield businesses helping them create a holistic Web presence. Most recently, he has been assisting psychiatrist Dr. Norman Rosenthal, author of Transcendence and The Gift of Adversity. “It’s nice to help somebody who has such a good mission and vision,” Eric said. “It is very much in line with our values as a company.”

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