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JULY 28, 2013 • ISSUE 218

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MUM Compro Student Mohamed Farag


Mohamed with his Best Programming Project trophy


Giving a presentation at Cairo University about Google Summer of Code


Mohamed visiting MIT in search of a PhD program

Mohamed Sobhy M.A. Farag – Software Engineer and Scholar

MUM Compro student Mohamed Sobhy M.A. Farag was born in Egypt and attended primary and high school in Saudi Arabia. He was ranked sixth among the top ten high school students in Saudi Arabia. He then returned to Egypt to study computer science at Menoufia University, where he specialized in the architecture of computing machines and operating systems.

During his time at Menoufia Unviersity, Mohamed received numerous awards, including first place in Best Programming Project at the Renewable Energy Conference in Egypt in 2010 and again in 2011, as well as the Google Summer of Code Award. He graduated in 2011 with a grade of excellent with Honors.

During his time at MUM, Mohamed published several articles in trade journals, most recently in BSD Magazine. He also contributed a chapter to a new book on the importance of information security in a multidisciplinary manner. His publications led him to be invited to speak at “BIT’s 2nd Annual World Congress of Emerging InfoTech-2013” in China. Mohamed was not able to attend this year, but he hopes to give a speech at the 2014 BIT Congress. He was also asked to participate in the “Cloud Computing & Assurance for Critical DoD Initiatives” conference in Maryland.

“MUM is one of the top places in preparing students with the required qualities and experiences for the US market,” said Mohamed. “I gained the industrial experience indirectly during my on-campus studies at MUM, and have faced many situations in my job similar to what I had in course labs.”

Mohamed is now working full-time as a technical consultant for the top IT consulting company in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, and completing his MUM courses via distance education. After graduating from MUM, Mohamed plans to pursue a PhD in computer science.

“The focus on self-development along with educational qualities is fascinating at MUM,” Mohamed said. “Transcendental Meditation helps me to listen to my inward capabilities and to enhance my emotional stability.”

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