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APRIL 21, 2013 • ISSUE 209

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MBA student Alvaro Monasterio


Alvaro participating in an inter-university debate competition with the Board of European Students of Technology


In class with Professor Bargerstock


Alavaro’s favorite sport is soccer, which he is able to play at MUM

Alvaro Monasterio – Serving Students as Associate Director of Residential Life

MBA student Alvaro Monasterio studied mechanical engineering in his hometown at the University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain. After completing his degree, he worked for Metro de Madrid monitoring subway construction projects.

While in college, Alvaro became a member of the international student association BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) and traveled around Europe taking seminars in leadership, communication, and coaching. He also served as president of BEST at his alma mater and later started to conduct seminars on leadership, project management, and motivation.

Seven years ago, Alvaro learned the Transcendental Meditation® technique on the recommendation of a friend, and a year later he learned the TM-Sidhi® program. He spent several summers working on staff at Maharishi European Research University in Seelisberg, Switzerland. That’s where he heard about MUM and he knew some day he would come.

In the spring of 2012, Alvaro decided to take some time off work and joined the Invincible America Assembly at MUM. A week after he arrived, he decided to apply to become a student. "Above all, I wanted to stay at MUM and be part of this community,” Alvaro said. “I chose to study Sustainable Business to add the values of consciousness and sustainability to my technical experience as a mechanical engineer."

For his graduate internship, Alvaro works as the associate director of residential life. He is now using his experience and training from BEST to oversee the campus dormitories and make sure students are comfortable. He is in charge of training residential advisors, developing programs and activities for students, and coordinating with housing, campus security, and facilities management.

“I like the relaxed atmosphere here,” said Alvaro. “I can do my TM-Sidhi program without interference with my professional life and studies. The program has priority, which facilitates success in work or as a student.”

“Alvaro Monasterio is one of our best performing MBA students both in the classroom and in his internship responsibilities as associate director of residential life,” said Andrew Bargerstock, director of the MBA Program at MUM. “He consistently brings both business focus and a friendly personality to whatever he accomplishes. He is exceptionally well-liked among his fellow students and respected highly by all the MBA faculty.”

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