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MARCH 24, 2013 • ISSUE 205

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The ELP students
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Students listening to MUM Legal Counsel William Goldstein talk about negotiation


Dr. John Hagelin sharing his experience of working in the TM® organization


Students participating in a team-building exercise led by faculty member Ken Daley

Enlightened Leadership Program Trains Young Leaders

MUM launched a new program on January 12 to culture a new generation of leaders for the University and the International Transcendental Meditation® organization. The Enlightened Leadership Program comprises 21 young faculty, staff, and students who are leaders or emerging leaders.

The goal of the program is to cultivate servant leadership – that is, coming into leadership out of desire to serve rather than the desire to lead. “This next generation is enthusiastic and talented, but most importantly, they exhibit a passion for the development of their own consciousness.” said Adrienne Schoenfeld, creator and director of the program.

The program meets weekly over an eight-month period to discuss Maharishi’s knowledge related to leadership and how to implement those principles into fresh, innovative concepts and courses for University growth.

“Participants expand their leadership skills while gaining access to an array of perspectives, resources, and mentors from the highest levels of leadership in the University, business community, and the Transcendental Meditation organization,” said Ms. Schoenfeld.

Speakers include Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam, Dr. John Hagelin, Dr. Carolyn King, Mayor Ed Malloy, and filmmaker David Lynch.

“The program has given me the chance to connect in nuanced ways to the leader and teacher deep within,” said Sasha Kamini Parmasad, MA in Media and Communications program administrator. “The speakers who have visited us have richly and colorfully described their time and history with Maharishi, his healing and transformational influence on their lives. What inspires us so much is their presence, their heart, their personal sacrifices, and dedicated work.”

While working with top leaders, participants will also enhance their leadership skills via event production, at both MUM and internationally, as well as outreach and community organization.

“The program has been an amazing experience, and it has given me the opportunity to learn more about Maharishi, the institution, and the goals that are held for the future,” said Leslie Harris, part-time MBA student and housing coordinator.

A new training program will begin approximately every six months. Class members are selected through a process that includes written applications, personal interviews, and a commitment to service.

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