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JANUARY 20, 2013 • ISSUE 196

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Professor Stuart Tanner


Professor Gurdy Leete


Narrative: The Art of Story is designed to improve everyone’s writing, regardless of their level and experience


Graphic Design for Web Sites provides practical training in creating attractive Web sites

Media and Communications Courses
to Premiere on MUM Online

Two popular courses offered by the Media and Communications Department are now available through MUM Online, MUM’s Distance Education Department. Graphic Design for Web Sites, taught by Gurdy Leete, and Narrative: The Art of Story, taught by Stuart Tanner, can be taken for credit or non-credit with the starting date of January 28.

“The online version of The Art of Story creates the opportunity for extensive communication between the course participants and myself,” said Professor Tanner. “This experience will make it very dynamic and provide inspiration for the students’ writing.”

Professor Tanner’s course explores the key elements of storytelling, including character, plot, and narrative themes. Through a variety of writing exercises, students will learn to improve their writing by applying the fundamental principles of narrative.

Stuart Tanner honed his storytelling skills as a broadcast journalist and filmmaker of high-profile documentaries for the BBC and has won several awards for his work. He is also director of a film about Father Gabriel Mejia, the Colombian Catholic missionary, who transformed the lives of thousands of disadvantaged children by providing shelter, love, and the Transcendental Meditation® technique.

Professor Leete’s course covers the principles of graphic design to create attractive, interactive, and highly functional Web sites. Students will learn how to create Web pages without writing code, and how to work with imagery, video, and audio for the Web.

“My course is all about how to find interesting ideas and turn them into Web pages,” said Professor Leete, “so teaching this online fits really well with the course content, and, I think, will be great fun. It’s exciting that today’s technologies make it so easy to deliver courses online.”

Gurdy Leete is an award-winning software engineer who has worked in Web design, graphic design, and 3-D animation. He is coauthor of eleven books on popular software applications, and his books have been translated into 9 languages. He also edits a blog on free software for art, music, and personal creativity.

To find out more about these courses visit mum online.

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