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JANUARY 6, 2013 • ISSUE 194

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Chinese students in an English language class


Laura Bordow and David Bordow, with their son Adam and boarding student Katya Sheridan from Texas


Wei Xi, senior from Beijing, China, was recently accepted at Syracuse University


Chris and Alexandra Taft of Fairfield are hosting student Nusha Swan from South Africa/Holland

28 Boarding Students Enroll at Maharishi School in Fairfield

The number of boarding students attending Maharishi School continues to grow, with 28 attending this year – 30 percent of the total enrollment in the Upper School, grades 9 through 12. Ten of the 28 are new this year, with the rest continuing from last year.

Eighteen of the students come from China; other international students come from Germany, South Africa, Holland, and Mexico. U.S. boarding students come from New York, South Carolina, Texas, and California. The boarding students are hosted by families in the MUM–Maharishi School community.

“We are happy that Katya is attending Maharishi School because it gives her an opportunity to get in touch with her inner feelings and develop herself into the best person she can be.” said Jim Sheridan, parent. “Also, boarding with the Bordows has given her an extended loving family which gives her a very solid base to grow from.”

Dr. Richard Beall, head of Maharishi School, said that the students benefit the host family by offering a new cultural experience, and their presence in the School contributes to cultural diversity. “The presence of a multinational student population is a real advantage for our students in that it helps to prepare them for the world they’ll be working in in the future,” he said.

Maharishi School intends to expand the program by recruiting students from additional countries as well as more students from the U.S. They are also considering a student exchange program where students would come to the School for a short period of time, 6 months to one year.

“In China, school is so stressful.” said student Wei Xi. “I don’t think the student’s life should be so stressful. I think it should be joyful and learning at the same time. If you want a happy childhood you should choose Maharishi School.”

“I learned about Maharishi School from the internet and was impressed that parents think highly of this school.” said Mr. Zhou Minjie, father of Queena Zhou, Maharishi School sophomore, from Jiaxing, China. “My daughter is happier now and thinks about life on a deeper level.”

Several of the boarding students who graduated from Maharishi School are now attending Maharishi University of Management.

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