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NOVEMBER 17, 2012 • ISSUE 189

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MUM pre-med student Minolli Nayagar


With fellow students in a biology class


Minolli at an Indian cultural celebration at MUM


The Nayagar family

Minolli Nayagar — A Dream Fulfilled

Minolli Nayagar was born in South Africa and learned the Transcendental Meditation® technique at age six. When she volunteered at the Maharishi Institute, a non-profit educational institution for disadvantaged children in Johannesburg, she had the desire to come to MUM.

In 2006, her dream was fulfilled when the family decided to participate in the Invincible America Assembly for six months. They all fell in love with MUM and decided to move to Fairfield, so that Minolli could attend Maharishi School and her brother, Vinodthan, could enroll at MUM.

“In South Africa, I was fortunate enough to go to private school and experience the educational system there,” said Minolli. “But once I came here to Fairfield it was a completely different environment. Consciousness-Based education created a stress-free environment to learn and a warm community to live in. I really appreciate the TM-Sidhi program being part of the school and my life. It’s been helpful to me in finding out what I really want to do in life. I wish all students were fortunate enough to experience this unique education.”

In 2010, Minolli graduated from Maharishi School and enrolled at MUM. She has always been interested in a service-oriented career, so she decided to major in health and physiology and study pre-med. She enjoys learning Maharishi Ayurveda® and wants to incorporate it into her medical practice some day.

Minolli is in her third year as a Super Radiance Scholar working on the Ladies’ Dome security team twice a day, 6 days a week. This scholarship is awarded to one male and one female student each year based on academic performance.

“Minolli Nayagar is the kind of eager student that every teacher cherishes,” said Dr. Paul Morehead, professor of health and physiology. “Her love of knowledge and her gentle, kind demeanor make her a joy to have in class. Her pure heart and quick mind make a wonderful combination for an excellent student. She will bring much good to the world.”

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