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NOVEMBER 11, 2012 • ISSUE 188

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The MUM faculty delegation with their hosts at Mongolian University of Science and Technology


President Morris of MUM and President Damdinsuren of MUST signed a collaboration agreement between the two universities


Former Mongolian President Dr. Ochirbat with MUM Professor Lonnie Gamble


Director of the Computer Science and Management School Dr. Batkhurel (speaking), and seated, Dr. Oyuntsetseg (left) and Dr. Enkhtuya (right)


Dr. Morris gave a talk on Consciousness-Based education

Mongolia Calls on Maharishi University of Management Faculty to Aid Development

A delegation of Maharishi University of Management faculty visited Mongolia in September to attend a three-day seminar on Consciousness-BasedSM education, leadership, and sustainable development.

The conference took place at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST), the largest university in Mongolia, with 40,000 students. The deputy director of research and innovation in the School of Computer Science and Management, Dr. Oyuntsetseg Luvsandondov, visited MUM in June with Dr. Enkhtuya Bavuudorj, director of the Business Administration Department. After returning home, they were both inspired to learn the Transcendental Meditation® technique, organized the conference, and invited MUM to participate.

“When we arrived in Ulaanbaatar,” said MUM President Bevan Morris, “we were pleased to find that these two academic leaders had not only learned the Transcendental Meditation technique, but that during the conference, they were able to speak deeply about Consciousness-Based education and Maharishi University of Management. We look forward to continuing to work with them and have an expanding friendship with the universities and schools of Mongolia to make Mongolia a shining light of peace and prosperity in the heart of the Asian continent.”

Dr. Morris gave the keynote address on the success of Consciousness-Based education around the world. MUM neuroscientist Dr. Fred Travis discussed how the Transcendental Meditation technique develops brain functioning and gave a live EEG presentation. Sustainable Living Professor Lonnie Gamble addressed the issue of how Mongolia can rapidly develop economically in a way that protects the country’s immense natural beauty and integrity. Also presenting were MUM alumnus Jim Bagnola and, via video recording, MUM faculty members Jane Schmidt-Wilk and Harald Harung.

“We spoke to about 120 people who were all top professionals, educators, researchers, business executives, school principals, people in human resource departments,” said Dr. Tom Stanley, vice-chair of the MUM Board of Trustees and director of Consciousness-Based programs in Mongolia. “It was an extremely successful several days.”

Professor Ochirbat, first president of democratic Mongolia and current director of the Center for Ecology and Sustainable Development at MUST, invited Professor Gamble to document Mongolia’s progress in implementing sustainable technologies and to help develop a UN World Heritage site in the Gobi Desert. Professor Gamble was also invited to help create a building similar to MUM’s Sustainable Living Center. In addition, neuroscientists at MUST asked Dr. Travis to help them create a brain lab similar to the one on the MUM campus.

At the conclusion of the conference, MUST president Dr. Damdinsuren Bayanduuren signed an agreement with Dr. Morris for exchange of faculty and students as well as joint research.

Bill Goldstein, director of MUM’s International Expansion, was instrumental in meeting with the MUST faculty on his two visits to Mongolia and in organizing the conference.

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