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SEPTEMBER 30, 2012 • ISSUE 184

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MBA student Graham Torpey


Graham with friends at an MUM celebration


Graham traveling in Budapest, Hungary

Graham Torpey –
Assistant Dean of Student Life

MBA student Graham Torpey grew up in Connecticut and attended Syracuse University, New York. He received a bachelor’s degree in economics and political philosophy in 2009. While at Syracuse, Graham went to Great Britain to study with faculty from the London School of Economics and the University of London. By the time he graduated, he was dissatisfied with the fragmented approach to economics he experienced and was looking for a more evolved perspective.

Graham also took classes in neuropsychology, wanting to understand the power of the mind and its relationship to the spirit. As a child, he was diagnosed with ADHD and he was looking for an empowering solution to master his circumstances.

He heard about MUM and the Transcendental Meditation® technique while traveling in Europe. He also discovered the healing benefits of yoga asanas and his desire to practice meditation regularly grew stronger.

In spring 2010, he came to an MUM Visitors Weekend. “I met so many people who were so awake,” said Graham. “It was in those three days I realized how parched my spirit was.”

He became a student in fall 2010. “When I took the Science of Creative Intelligence® course, that was the keystone that was missing from all the philosophy that I read before,” said Graham. “And that coupled with the experience of it – it’s fantastic.”

Graham became a part-time student and soon started working as associate director of residential life. He coordinated with the Housing Department and Facilities Management and worked with student liaisons in each dorm to support student life outside of the classroom. This year, he is working as assistant dean of student life to help students in a broad range of issues from academic to personal.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Graham for almost two years, during which time he built up the Resident Advisor program to its presently successful status,” said Elaine Pomfrey, associate dean of students. “He has incredible people skills and an impressive ability to get the job done. We’re lucky to have him working at MUM.”

Graham feels that studying consciousness and sustainability at MUM has given him a more holistic understanding of economics. “I now see the purpose of economics that is yet to be fully enlivened, wherein the discipline can be better utilized to create wealth and well-being for all living systems, including human beings.” Graham said. “I definitely want to work in this area of life, to be an instrument for achieving more enlightened systems.”

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