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SEPTEMBER 23, 2012 • ISSUE 183

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Coral and Melodia Morales studying the Red One camera


The Morales family


On an MUM Rotating University Course in Peru


With members of the Beat Da Feet dance troupe

Morales Sisters Realize
their Full Potential at MUM

MUM students Coral and Melodia Morales came to Fairfield at the age of seven. Their parents wanted them to attend Maharishi School so they left behind their home and life in Chile and relocated to Fairfield.

The sisters joined the tennis team in high school and competed in the state championships, placing in the top 10 for three consecutive years. After graduating from Maharishi School, the twins spent four years playing professional tennis in the International Tennis Federation.

They have always enjoyed doing art, so when they were ready to attend college they chose MUM’s Media and Communications major to study photography and film. “Consciousness-Based education is experience-based,” said Melodia. “The professors are incredible because they not only give lectures, like they do in other colleges, but they also give you a chance to apply that knowledge yourself.”

“We really like our Media and Communication classes because they are hands-on,” said Coral. In addition to making several of their own short videos, Melodia and Coral completed two internships with MUM Distance Education and volunteered for David Lynch Foundation Television.

“I had the pleasure of having the Morales twins in a couple of my classes and I can sincerely say that I truly admire their enthusiasm, creativity, and positive attitude,” said Gabe Romero, instructor of Media and Communications. “They are very responsible, fully dedicated to their academic duties, and constantly managing multiple projects with an enthusiastic and contagious energy.”

The Morales sisters like to spend time with their family and coach their younger brother in tennis. Their parents have always been supportive of their sport and their father coached them along the way. Maintaining cultural traditions is important to the whole family, so the children grew up speaking Spanish. “We are grateful to our parents for giving us the opportunity to realize our full potential,” said the sisters.

Coral and Melodia also excel in dancing and have been members of MUM’s Beat Da Feet hip-hop dance troupe since 2007. They took charge of the team in 2009, performing at numerous events in Fairfield.

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