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AUGUST 26, 2012 • ISSUE 179

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Participants of the “Experience the Self” course


Mayor Malloy speaking to the course in the MUM dining hall


Visitors entering the Golden Domes for the first time


Guests enjoyed a Maharishi Gandharva VedaSM concert

Experience the Self Course Spreads Bliss and Harmony

Maharishi University of Management held the “Experience the Self” course in July with great success. The goal of the 12-day event was to immerse people in the various aspects of Maharishi’s knowledge while they were learning the TM® technique.

Of the 51 course participants, 28 came to learn the TM technique and the remainder received their first Advanced Transcendental Meditation® technique. Participants included doctors, educators, legal professionals, law enforcement personnel, mothers, and students.

“This has been an amazing experience and I’m sincerely grateful for the level of care you and your team have provided,” a guest wrote. “I take away a whole new way of being in this world.”

Another was impressed with “the sincere commitment of the staff and volunteers. Everyone was authentically friendly, supportive, and accommodating. Learning TM here was very affirming.”

A course participant wrote that MUM “brings out the best love, appreciation, charm, and harmony in my spirit and heart and I see that happening to everyone as it spreads out past the campus into the town.” Another guest added, ”The entire town of Fairfield is evidence that TM is effective. It radiates from everyone I have met. I loved that this course allowed us to experience a little bit of it all.”

In addition to the large group practice of the TM technique, the guests appreciated the variety of lectures on the benefits of the TM technique.

“The lectures had a lot to add to the experience,” said course participant Kurtis Kujawski. “There was also enough free time to take in what we learned. I liked the campus, the organic food, and saw a lot of benefits of learning the TM technique right away.” After the course, Kurtis enrolled at MUM to study Media and Communications.

The course also provided ample opportunity for MUM students to interact with guests. “I want to be a TM teacher some day so it was educational for me to be with people who were learning these concepts that I take for granted,” said PhD student Brian Glasset. “It was heart-warming and reaffirming for me because I really love Fairfield and I really love MUM and when you are here for a while you forget how special it is.”

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