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JULY 22, 2012 • ISSUE 175

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MUM Graduate Christian Hoffman


The 200-square-foot Vastu cabin


The interior of the tiny cabin

MUM Alumnus Builds
200-Square-Foot Vastu Cabin

Christian Hoffman, a 2011 graduate of Maharishi University of Management, recently completed the construction of a tiny mobile cabin he designed according to the principles of Maharishi Vedic® Architecture.

Christian has always been interested in building. His father has worked in construction for 40 years. The Hoffman family moved to Fairfield from Washington State in 2000, so that the children could attend Maharishi School. They built their own home, and later Christian designed his first home, a 500-square-foot cottage, which he and his father, Eric, built together.

While studying at MUM, Christian became interested in Maharishi Vastu® buildings. “A lot of my friends lived in Vastu homes and when I spent time there I felt a very supportive and clean atmosphere,” Christian said. “That’s why I decided my next tiny house would be built according to Vastu.”

Christian took a directed studies course where he learned about architecture and Vastu design. During that course, he drew the plans for the 200-square-foot Vastu cabin. Once he graduated, he finally had time to carry out the design. Fortune-Creating Buildings worked with Christian to evolve his design into a Maharishi Vastu design. Christian and Eric began constructing the house in March of this year, completing it within three months.

“I was really excited to watch this project blossom,” said Jon Lipman AIA, director of Fortune-Creating Buildings. “There is a huge desire in Fairfield for tiny, affordable Vastu homes. Christian and Eric have shown us what the solution can look like, and more than that, they are offering turnkey solutions to our community. This is exactly in keeping with Maharishi’s vision of Global Reconstruction. I’m Christian and Eric’s biggest fan.”

The home features a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, a sleeping loft, wood finishes, and abundant natural light. “The home is very efficient,” Christian said. “It uses one tenth of the materials a normal home would use, and it uses so much less energy to heat.”

Christian would love to build more cabins and create a community of small Vastu homes. “There is a growing movement in the US around tiny homes because people don’t want to live their lives tied down to a huge mortgage and a big house,” Christian said. “They also want a lifestyle that is sustainable.”

See photos and a video of the Vastu cabin here.

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