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JUNE 17, 2012 • ISSUE 170

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Sudevi received an award for graduating magna cum laude


Sudevi after the Commencement ceremony with Professors Gurdy Leete, Stuart Tanner and Nynke Passi


Working in one of the film classes at MUM

Sudevi Mossé Found Mentorship
and Collaboration at MUM

Sudevi Mossé grew up in Fairfield and attended Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment. As a child, Sudevi loved acting, singing, and dancing, but in high school her interest turned towards filmmaking.

After graduating from high school, she visited a video class in the Media and Communications department at MUM. “Stuart Tanner let me in his class, and that’s when I knew that I really wanted to go because I met all the students and I worked on my first project with them,” Sudevi said. “He was really supporting me so I became excited.”

Sudevi chose the filmmaking track and wrote and directed several short films. In her sophomore year, she created a promotional video for the Fairfield Rotary Club during an internship. As a result of Sudevi’s successful video, the club received a public relations award.

In May, Sudevi graduated with a BA in Media and Communications magna cum laude.

Sudevi is grateful for the help and encouragement she received from her teachers at MUM, especially Stuart Tanner. She also developed a lasting creative partnership with fellow student Michael Gurevich, who helped her on most of her projects, including the Rotary Club video.

“Teaching Sudevi was like playing in the sun,” said Stuart Tanner, assistant professor of Media and Communications. “It was always easy and great fun. She has such a wonderful personality and keenness to learn. Her films reveal the delight she has in the world around her and her abundant creativity. I am sure Sudevi will accomplish great things.”

Sudevi also appreciated the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Program® in her daily routine. “It was nice to have that little rest during the day,” she said. “After a long school day, you can just replenish and continue for more successful activity.”

For several years, Sudevi has worked as a bookkeeper and production manager at her father’s company, Object Discovery Corporation, where she is now creating educational videos. In addition, she recently helped with the production of a television commercial by Fairfield’s Hawthorne Direct.

“Beginning to pierce the industry is important,” she said. “It’s a good way to get to know people and it’s fun.” Although she enjoys working on commercials, Sudevi’s dream is to direct feature films and television series.

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