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JUNE 4, 2012 • ISSUE 169

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MUM graduate Brian Faulkner


Brian with his family (from left Stephanie, Brian, Dalia, Darren and David Faulkner)


Brian playing soccer at MUM


Performing with Fairfield Art of Dance at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center

Brian Faulkner — Pursuing
Self-Development and Soccer

Brian Faulkner grew up in Midlothian, Virginia, in a family that practices the Transcendental Meditation® technique. Brian’s older brother Darren came to study at MUM in 2004, but it wasn’t until Brian himself came to a David Lynch Visitors Weekend in 2007, that he fell in love with MUM.

“The biggest thing was finding people my age who meditated,” said Brian. “Prior to coming here, I didn’t know any young meditators outside my family.” Brian’s younger sister Stephanie is now also a student at MUM.

Brian was interested in green car design, so he majored in mathematical sciences and art in order to understand both the scientific and design aspects related to product development. He graduated with a double major in 2011, and then entered the MA in Maharishi Vedic Science program for his own self-development, graduating again in 2012.

Brian’s first passion in life has always been soccer, which he has pursued since age six. He turned down an opportunity to play soccer at another university to study at MUM, a decision he never regretted. But in August, he is moving to Barcelona, Spain to follow his dream and play soccer professionally.

“Brian took my Leadership and Adventure Sports course in Hawaii,” said faculty member Dr. Raul Calderon. “His leadership skills shone throughout the course and his classmates were impressed with his level of maturity for being so young.”

In addition to studying and playing soccer, Brian has always found the time to work part-time. He has worked for several businesses in Fairfield and is currently the social media coordinator for iPhone Life Magazine. In his free time, Brian has also been a member of MUM’s hip-hop dance troupe, Beat Da Feet.

“My favorite part about MUM is the level of conversation you can have with almost anyone here,” Brian said. “Being able to learn more about yourself because of these conversations, that’s what this University is really about – helping each individual learn more about themselves so that they become those beacons of light that go out into the world.”

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