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MAY 20, 2012 • ISSUE 167

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Media and Communications student Tanell Pretorius


Tanell modeling for a catalog


Giving a speech at the TM-Sidhi course graduation

Tanell Pretorius Enjoys
the Creative Life at MUM

Student Tanell Pretorius came to MUM from South Africa via London, England, where she spent seven years modeling for catalogs and television commercials. On friends’ recommendations, she learned the Transcendental Meditation® technique in 2009.

She soon found out about MUM, and after browsing the MUM website, she applied immediately. She came for a Visitors Weekend all the way from London and spent two weeks in Fairfield. “I wanted to come to MUM because during the Visitors Weekend I realized that MUM is not just developing students intellectually, you are developing as a person as a whole,” said Tanell.

She became a student in the spring of 2011 and now majors in Media and Communications with an emphasis in writing. She is also pursuing a minor in Maharishi Ayurveda®.

“Tanell is an excellent writer,” said Nynke Passi, assistant professor of literature and writing. “She wrote about growing up right outside of Krüger National Park in such a sensory, detailed manner that the world of her past completely came to life. She has it in her to write a book-length memoir, and a very good one.”

Tanell still models occasionally, but she doesn’t miss the irregular schedule and odd working hours of her full-time modeling days. Now she enjoys her daily routine, going to bed early, and practicing the TM-Sidhi® program, which she learned last summer.

Tanell is open to a variety of challenges and sharing her creativity. She has volunteered for the David Lynch Foundation, worked on a 20-episode radio show on sustainability in Iowa, and helped choreograph the runway show during the recent EcoFairfield. She also writes regularly for the MUM student blog, and likes doing photography and woodworking.

“I didn’t feel like I ever had the opportunity to develop what I am interested in,” Tanell said. “MUM gives you this wonderful opportunity and community and you meet the most interesting people.”

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