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APRIL 22, 2012 • ISSUE 163

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The “Experience the Self” website provides details of the course.


Dr. John Hagelin is one of the keynote speakers of the event.


One of the courses offered is Maharishi Self-Pulse reading.


The Golden Domes


Guests will have the opportunity to take tours in the city of Fairfield.

Experience The Self
This Summer in Fairfield, Iowa

A special 12-day course to be held July 10-22 at Maharishi University of Management will showcase Consciousness-BasedSM education, Fairfield, and the larger community. The “Experience the Self” course will offer a wide range of opportunities including classes, entertainment, and outdoor activities providing something for everyone.

Participants will learn the Transcendental Meditation® technique, and those already practicing the technique can learn an Advanced Transcendental Meditation technique.

Guests will also have the opportunity to choose from MUM’s most popular courses such as Maharishi Self-PulseSM reading, Maharishi YogaSM asanas, Vedic Literature, sustainable living, and writing. They will also be able to take tours of MUM, Maharishi School, Fairfield art galleries and businesses, Maharishi VedicSM Architecture, and Abundance EcoVillage.

The all-inclusive event will also offer entertainment such as concerts and special guest presentations, as well as walking and bike tours, tennis, golf, and canoeing.

“Whether people are coming to Fairfield for the first time or have been here many times, this course will offer a rich and rewarding experience,” said organizer Adrienne Schoenfeld, MUM Director of Communications. “People will be able to design their own schedules based on their interests. We want to offer a perfect balance of rest and activity.”

Ms. Schoenfeld is working with numerous local organizations, including the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center, the Mayor’s Office, the Maharishi Foundation USA, the David Lynch Foundation, and the MUM Global Student Council.

“With the great response we are already having, we are looking to do this event regularly,” Ms. Schoenfeld said. “Many Meditators and Sidhas have not had the chance to come back in a long time. This event will give them a chance to reconnect.”

Full-time students can take advantage of a special package that includes meals, housing, Transcendental Meditation program instruction, and all classes and events. The course can only accommodate 350 people so the organizers encourage everyone to apply early.

For more information and to register, visit

Development Office, Maharishi University of Management, Fairfield, IA 52557 641-472-1180

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