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APRIL 1, 2012 • ISSUE 161

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Dr. Paul Corazza, Professor of mathematics and computer science


Professor Corazza with his wife and children at his Google office


Dr. Corazza teaching Fundamental Programming Practices at MUM

Professor Returns to Apply
Latest IT Industry Knowledge

Computer science and mathematics professor Paul Corazza has returned to his faculty position at Maharishi University of Management after an 18-month working sabbatical in the IT industry.

For 12 months, Dr. Corazza developed Web-based tools to provide internal support for the Google Localization team, which manages a huge internationalization effort, providing up-to-date translations of Google’s Web content for 100+ products in 40+ languages. In the process, he enhanced his skills in Java and in a variety of scripting languages, all of which will add value to the Department’s new courses in Web development.

At E-Trade, Professor Corazza worked for 6 months in the software architect group, developing and refining a Spring-based framework used by developers of the E-Trade Website. He brings his experience with Spring and other architectural technologies back to the classroom.

Dr. Corazza has a BA from Maharishi International University and received his PhD in mathematics from Auburn University. He has been a faculty member at MUM since 1990 and teaches courses in mathematics and computer science.

During the past 15 years, Dr. Corazza has published numerous articles on his research in Set Theory, based on his discovery of a deep connection between Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM and mathematics. In 2008, he presented a summary of his work at the annual meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic at U.C. Irvine.

When asked why he enjoys teaching MUM students, Dr. Corazza replied, “The students in the Computer Science program are extremely motivated and ready to learn everything we have to teach. This makes the life of the teacher much more rewarding.”

MUM’s MS in Computer Science program is one of the largest graduate programs in the country and is highly regarded around the world. “No other university cares for its students the way we do,” said Dr. Corazza. “The word gets around, and so we are very popular internationally. The feature that really distinguishes our program is our inclusion of the Transcendental Meditation practice, as well as the practical integration of Maharishi Vedic Science principles through all our courses.”

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