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MARCH 25, 2012 • ISSUE 161

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Assistant Professor Ye Linlin Shi


Distance Education administrator Bei Eric Liu


Linlin and Eric organized the Chinese New Year celebration


Linlin with Accounting MBA students and Dr. Bargerstock

Third Cousins from
China Meet at MUM

Assistant Professor Ye Linlin Shi and MUM administrator Bei Eric Liu both came to MUM in 2008. Although they met briefly in Beijing, they didn’t know each other. It wasn’t until they became friends at MUM that they discovered they were 3rd cousins. “It was totally supported by nature that we came all the way to America to meet,” said Linlin.

Linlin received her BA in Accounting from Hebei University of Economics and Business in China in 1998, and worked as a government officer. In 2008, she met Dr. Yunxiang Zhu, MUM’s vice president of Asia Expansion in Beijing. Inspired by Dr. Zhu, Linlin became interested in Consciousness-BasedSM education and began to volunteer at MUM’s partner university in Beijing, the Overseas Chinese College (OCC) of the Capital University of Economics and Business.

While at OCC, Linlin learned the Transcendental Meditation® technique and in 2008 she enrolled in MUM’s MBA program. She received her degree in 2009, and her Lean Accounting Certificate in 2011. “MUM’s accounting program, which is led by Dr. Andrew Bargerstock, is thought-provoking and inspiring,” said Linlin. “The faculty members here are caring and supportive.” Linlin currently teaches courses in lean accounting in the Accounting Professionals MBA program.

“I just enjoy being part of MUM,” said Linlin. “People here are so positive, sincere, and the atmosphere is so sweet and quiet. I also want to learn more of Maharishi’s knowledge.” Linlin has finished the first part of the TM-Sidhi® program and will complete the second part this summer.

Eric also came to MUM via OCC where he studied business and computer science. He enjoyed Consciousness-Based education and decided to complete his final year at MUM. After receiving his BA in Business in 2009, he enrolled in the part-time MBA program. During his internship, he worked at MUM’s Housing and Mail Room. Since May 2011, Eric has been working as Distance Education administrator.

“I would like to start and develop my career in the US, and being here is giving me lots of support from every aspect,” said Eric. “I enjoy working in a new department and being a pioneer in this area.” Eric pursues photography in his free time and his photos of MUM events have appeared on the MUM blog.

While Linlin was doing her internship at Student Activities and Eric was president of MUM’s Chinese Cultural Club, together they organized the annual Chinese New Year and other Chinese celebrations.

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