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MARCH 10, 2012 • ISSUE 159

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Undergraduate student Jennifer Hernandez


Jennifer on her TM-Sidhi course


With classmates on the MUM Rotating University course in Peru


Taking photos for her class in Peru

Jennifer Hernandez Enjoys
Expressing Herself as an Artist

Second-year student Jennifer Hernandez grew up in The Bronx, New York City, in a family with Dominican and Lebanese origins. Conventional colleges didn’t appeal to her; instead, she was looking for a spiritual university where she could study natural medicine. Her aunt, a naturopathic doctor, suggested MUM to her and after looking through the brochures Jennifer knew she belonged here.

Jennifer enrolled in August 2010, and a year later she completed the TM-Sidhi® program. She enjoys the diversity of cultures and ages at MUM and finds she can learn a lot from her fellow students. “What I also like about MUM is that it provides a space for you to find yourself and cultivate yourself,” said Jennifer. “I like how people here are open-minded.”

Jennifer has been interested in art since she was a small child and has always wanted to be a writer and artist specializing in art education and art therapy. As a result, she enjoys the art and writing classes at MUM, and finds that the practice of the Transcendental Meditation® technique has made her more self-confident and enabled her to express herself as an artist more creatively.

“What I have learned is that there is a stillness in me,” Jennifer said. “I developed a sense of patience and a deeper understanding and awareness that I didn’t have before. I can be active and creative and still be grounded at the same time.”

Jennifer is also drawn to the healing arts and is considering a minor in health and physiology and Maharishi Ayur-VedaSM. As her work-study, Jennifer helps out during MUM Visitors Weekends when she answers prospective students’ questions about the University.

“Jennifer has a natural ability to connect to everyone, whatever their background. She seems to know everyone on campus and everyone loves her,” said Cathy Gorini, professor of mathematics. “She has really grown since coming to MUM and has given a lot to the community.”

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