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FEBRUARY 12, 2012 • ISSUE 155

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Accounting MBA student Nikoo Dolati


Nikoo with her classmates who participated in the business simulation competition
(photo by Ken West)


Nikoo with her colleagues at iPhone Life

Nikoo Dolati — Accounting Student Secures Job With Local Business

Nikoo Dolati holds a bachelor’s degree in banking and an MA in finance from the University of Tehran, Iran. Nikoo was ranked third nationwide in the uniform entrance exam for her masters degree in Iran. After working in the business and banking sectors for a few years in Tehran, she decided to pursue MUM’s Accounting MBA program.

Nikoo has practiced the Transcendental Meditation® technique since the age of 14. She came to MUM to further her career goals as well as to experience Consciousness-BasedSM education.

“This system of education is more holistic,” Nikoo said. “Instead of focusing on the parts, we start from the overview before we delve into more detailed aspects of each course. I also found my education here more relaxing.”

Nikoo now works as senior accountant at iPhone Life Magazine while completing the distance education portion of her degree, and hopes to graduate in June 2013. Nikoo has also been accepted to the TM-Sidhi® course, which she plans to complete in the summer.

“Nikoo surprised us when she recently found a curricular practical training position as a full-time accountant with a local business,” said Andrew Bargerstock, director of the MBA with Accounting Specialization. “When she took the internship with the company, she was told that there would not be a job offer later. Nevertheless, after she demonstrated her business value to the company, they decided to employ her full-time. We are very proud of her competent technical skills, good communication skills, and professional manner.”

Last year, Nikoo was a member of a team that participated in a nation-wide business simulation competition and placed in the top 18 percent. “The competition was very good training on how to communicate with your team and have a more holistic overview of not only the financial aspect, but other parts of a business,” she said.

While working in the US, Nikoo plans to become a certified public accountant and gain enough experience to start her own consulting business or become a partner in one.

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